Brooke Waggoner

Posted: November 7, 2008 in Music

Brooke Waggoner is a classically trained pianist who began her training on the instrument at the early age of four and didn’t finish until she graduated from Louisiana State University. While in college, she finished her piano training at the same time that she was earning her degree in Composition and Orchestration.
Instead of taking that classical training and joining an orchestra or small classical ensemble, Brooke Waggoner took what she had learned and started creating original music. As a result of the training she received, and the many different influences she obtained throughout the years, her music sounds like a cross between Tori Amos, Electric Light Orchestra, Chopin, and Rodgers & Hammerstein.
In 2007, Brooke Waggoner took some of the songs she had composed and entered a recording studio to create her first release, her Fresh Pair of Eyes EP. It was this release that introduced the world to this talented musician. And with her concert dates, as well as those dates she shared with the band The Winter Sounds when she filled in as the band’s keyboard player, Brooke has been busy promoting Fresh Pair of Eyes; even going as far as to offer the album for free in the form of a free download.
After one year of promotion on her first release, as well as the time she spent on the road touring, Brooke Waggoner has released her follow-up to Fresh Pair of Eyes. Recently, Brooke put out her first album release entitled Heal For The Honey.
There are many similarities between the two releases by Brooke Waggoner: Like Fresh Pair of Eyes, Heal For The Honey was completely penned by Waggoner; like Fresh Pair of Eyes, Brooke did all of the orchestrations for the new album; and like the first release, the new release was produced by Chad Howat. Several musicians even appear on both releases.
With the exception of the remix of Fresh Pair of Eyes that appears on Heal For The Honey, none of the tracks from the first release appear on the second. However, the ten tracks on the Heal For the Honey have the same sort of magic that appears on Fresh Pair of Eyes.
The difference between Fresh Pair of Eyes and Heal For The Honey comes in the commercial feel to the songs. While several songs on Fresh Pair of Eyes could have found their way onto Adult Contemporary radio, the songs of Heal For The Honey feel more like they belong together as one release. None of the tracks stick out from the others; they all brilliantly written and arranged, they just don’t have a “single” feel them. The new album feels as if it would be more interesting to those who like singers such as Barbra Streisand, or Sarah Brightman.
If you already are familiar with Brooke Waggoner and her style of music, I highly recommend her new release of Heal For The Honey. However, if you have yet to experience this singer-songwriter, I suggest seeking out her Fresh Pair of Eyes EP, and then go on to the second album of Heal For The Honey. Either way, Brooke Waggoner is a talented musician who deserves to find her way into your music collection.
To check out Brooke Waggoner, go to You can also find her on MySpace at



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