Hannah Miller

Posted: November 10, 2008 in Music

If you like singer-songwriters, there is a name you must familiarize yourself with: Hannah Miller. Hannah Miller has been dreaming of making a living at music since she was small. Now that she is an adult, Hannah is taking her time and making a name for herself in the music industry.
After living in a few other locations, Hannah Miller now makes her home in Columbia, SC. It is there that the musician has been perfecting her musical style. Her songwriting style is mostly folk rock with some soul thrown in. With a style that is reminiscent to Norah Jones, Hannah Miller should be in your collection if you are a fan of folk rock.
After spending some time to create the perfect sound and style for herself, Hannah started working on her self-titled release. After a year, she put out her second release, the Storms of Summer EP in 2006. Hannah took time out to promote the CD and for touring, and when she was ready for something bigger, she started working on the next part of her career.
In 2007, Hannah Miller made the trip to Nashville, Tennessee to work on the next album. When she made it to Nashville, she hooked up with two-time Grammy Award-Winning producer Mitch Dane. Having won the Grammy for his work with Jars of Clay, Mitch was the perfect person to help Hannah create a release that was sure to be a winner.
In The Black, the newest release by Hannah Miller is a great album if you are looking for something with a sound that could be grouped together with the likes of Norah Jones, Paula Cole and Tori Amos. The songs on the newest release are a combination of love songs and songs that are somewhat religious. The best songs on the album that are: How Close, In So Deep, and the title track of In The Black.
The newest album by Hannah Miller has finally started to give the singer-songwriter some well-deserved attention. Along with being written up in publications like Southeast Performer Magazine, The State Newspaper of Columbia, South Carolina and others, the album helped Hannah as she was looking to compete in a well-known music competition.
Hannah Miller just recently entered into the Mountain Stage Newsong Competition, a competition to find the best talent in the country. Some of the artists that have made their national debut on the show include Sheryl Crow, Barenaked Ladies, Ryan Adams, and Norah Jones.
The contest is broken down into regions. Hannah took part in the Southeast region portion of the contest. She did very well as she was nominated as one of the finalists in the Southeast region competition. She made it into the Top 10 of that group. When the final count was taken, however, another finalist won.
Although Hannah was not the winner of the competition, she still has the talent to make it big when she gets that chance. Keep your eyes and ears open for this talented musician.
Hannah Miller is currently promoting her latest release, In The Black. You can find Hannah Miller by going to her website at www.hannahmillermusic.com.
You can also find her on MySpace at www.myspace.com/hannahmiller.


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