Posted: November 12, 2008 in Music

While Euro Electric Music is much more popular a musical style on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, there are a few people over here that have decided to write and perform their own versions of that style of music. One of those musicians in the U.S. that has decided to make Euro Electric their choice of music to write is a person who goes by the stage name of Jahbhang.

Born and raised in the tropical hotspot of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Jahbhang, whose real name is Alex Rogers, has been creating and shaping his own style of music for years now. Part of this styling process comes from the fact that Alex Rogers spent part of his life abroad over in Europe where he was exposed to Euro Electric Music.

While over in Europe, Jahbhang has lived in places such as Amsterdam, Slovenia, and several other locations where he spent time making a living working on a ganja farm in Switzerland, leading the Melkweg to victory in the Cannabis Cup, and other ways of making a living which included performing music. This was the time when Jahbhang gained a reputation as being one of Slovenia’s most predominant Dancehall freestyle artists.

It was during this time of living in those various locations that Jahbhang took the musical styles from that region and started creating his own style. Having shaped his musical style for the last few years, Jahbhang took songs that he had written and got together with some of the top recording musicians while he was in Slovenia and went about recording the tracks of his new CD entitled Let It Drop.

Along with Alex Rogers, the rest of the musicians, the rest of the musicians on the album include keyboardist/producer Sebastijan Duh, bassist Tadej Kampl, turntablist DJ Splinter, guitarist Samo Salomon, drummers Matej Horvat and Mike O’donnell, Sean Goff on sax, and Justin Wismar on bass. Together, this group of musicians has turned out some of the best Euro Electric Music to be produced on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

After waiting for just the right time, Let It Drop, the new release by Jahbhang is available after April 1st. If you like dance music, take a chance on this album by a musician that has seen the world and wants to “spread funk, love, and tolerance” throughout the land.

To check out Jahbhang and his music, go to www.jahbhang.com. Also check out his MySpace account @ www.myspace.com/jahbhang.

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