Mike Farley

Posted: November 12, 2008 in Music


Singer-songwriter Mike Farley began his musical career when he moved from Long Island, New York to Cleveland, Ohio. It was there that Mike discovered his voice and started writing and making music. At that time, Mike wrote and recorded four albums that were full of his style of rock music. But after making music, a career called to him and Mike put aside his own musical career and started helping friends and clients obtain the media coverage they deserved. But it wouldn’t be long before Mike found himself longing to create music again.

After five years since his last release, Mike Farley has finally released his fifth album, Moments and Memories. This new album contains 11 songs written by Farley. For those of us who knew his writing style before, it is great to hear that he has not changed it all that much.

As Mike went through his career as a singer-songwriter, he incorporated several different styles into his sound. On several of his previous releases, his vocal style and playing made him sound like Darius Rucker from Hootie and the Blowfish. Whether on purpose or not, that comparison helped gain his following while he was in Cleveland.

Moments and Memories is a somewhat different type of album than Farley has released before. The songs featured on this new album are reminiscent of Farley’s 5-song Acoustic EP release that he released in 2002 as a precursor to the Blue album that came out that same year.

Another thing that sets this release apart from the other albums that Farley has made is that a few of the tracks on the album were co-written with the help of a few of Farley’s musician friends. One of the tracks, With You Gone, was co-written by Cleveland musician Will Bowen. Another song, Saturday Night Needs Sunday Morning, was co-written with the help of Aaron Brotherton. As a way of connecting the present to the past, Mike even included on the album a new, acoustic version of Say Goodbye, a song that was included on his 1999 album, On the Edge of Somewhere.

Mike released Moments And Memories in early October of 2007. He is already getting some exposure as his song, All It Is, is getting played on Sirius Satellite Radio’s Coffeehouse Channel. You can request the song by going to: www.sirius.com/thecoffeehouse. Starting out performing in coffeehouses and now being played on www.sirius.com/thecoffeehouse, you can say that Mike has come full circle in his musical career.

Mike is back to being his old musician self, and people are starting to notice. Take the time and notice for yourself. Go to www.myspace.com/mikefarley and check out the new music by former Clevelander Mike Farley. 


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