Trip Lava

Posted: November 12, 2008 in Music
Some artists can’t pass up the chance to try to create something new, something different. Whether it is trying to come up with a new style of music, a new idea to experiment with, or trying to create a new feeling in a style of music that has been around for a while. When it comes to his 2007 album, musician Trip Lava has combined all three concepts.
Oddball In The Corner Pocket” is the new album that was created by Minnesota musician Trip Lava, whose real name is Joel Lee. Joel Lee decided to create an album based around the idea of “circular improv,” a concept that involves using loops and processors and then setting them into motion where a planned out pattern takes on a life of its own as it changes and shifts throughout an improvised musical composition.
Making an album by himself is a new venture for the musician. During his career in the music business, Lee has played drums for the band Marcus Noise, a band that helped him grow as a musician. He also spent time in Lost Mind Found where he played alongside Lars Christiansen, the person who introduced Joel Lee to the world of “circular improv”.
While playing in Emerald Isle and Lost Mind Found, Joel Lee spent time teaching himself how to play guitar, bass, and how to use a 4-track recorder. It was with this 4-track recorder that the songs that would eventually make up “Oddball In The Corner Pocket” were created.
Using the 4-track recorders, Lee’s drum solos were laid down first. After the drums were complete, guitar was added, then bass and keys, all of which were shaped with the help of a rack-mounted sound processor. The resulting tracks were mixed by Nate Giller and Dan Hartwig who narrowed the songs down to the 13 used to assemble the album.
Joel Lee describes his style as “instrumental rock,” it is a lot more complex than that. With the  “circular improv” that is part of the recording process, there is also a definite jazz feel to it; although the music is closer to rock than jazz.
As Joel Lee has spent time in rock bands in the past, “Oddball In The Corner Pocket” is definitely a change of pace for the musician. However, it is that time spent in the rock bands that helped him develop the style of music that is featured on his album.
To check out Joel Lee, A.K.A. Trip Lava, and his music, go to You can also find him on MySpace @

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