Peanuts’ All-Star Jam (11-26-08)

Posted: November 14, 2008 in Events
Throughout the years, Cleveland has been home to many popular, if not successful, bands. Some of these bands became so popular, you not only knew the name of the band, you also knew who played in them. Some of the bands became well known in Cleveland area music history. Bands like Clearlight/Masque, Sweetleaf, Souvenir, Wish You Were Here and others became so well known, you might even consider them “legendary”. Some of the band members from these bands take time out for one night to help create one magical event each year. That event: The Peanuts’ All-Star Jam.
In 1975, Peanuts (The Host of the North Coast) put together an annual event where many of his friends in the Greater Cleveland music community would get together with only one purpose in mind: TO JAM. On that one night a year, Peanuts takes over one of the live music venues in Greater Cleveland to put on his live jam session with several of his musician friends helping out for the night.
Each year since 1996, when The All-Star Band became the Host Band of the evening, many different Cleveland musicians have taken part in being in the Host Band. This year, the Host Band consists of: Jim Bacha on bass from Clearlight/Masque, The Killers… Cy Sulak on guitar from My Old School, Sweetleaf… Jerry Zsigo on guitar from BMZ, Clue… George Yunis on lead vocals from Souvenir, Champion…Gary Jones on keyboards from Freewheelin’, Midlife Chryslers… and John “J.D.” Darling on drums from Wish You Were Here, The Brothers Blues Band. And THAT is just the Host Band.
The premise of the Peanuts’ All-Star Jam is just that: TO JAM. The Host Band takes to the stage and performs for around forty minutes or so….. And then the real fun begins. Anyone who’s anyone shows up at the All-Star Jam to get the chance to share the stage with people they haven’t played with in years, or to get to play with people they have never shared the stage with until that night.
Aside from the talented musicians that grace the stage in the All-Star Band, the larger part of the night belongs to the myriad of talented musicians that help make up the music scene of Greater Cleveland. With all of the talent that exists in the area, it is always a surprise and a thrill to see who comes out just to join in on the fun. Some of the giants in the Cleveland music scene that have taken part in the Peanuts’ All-Star Jam throughout the years have included: Norm Tischler from Tiny Alice, Kevin McCarthy from The Cletus Black Revue, Geoff Kelleher from Rendezvous, Gary Simmons and Paul Fayrewether from Fayrewether, and many, many others.
With all of the talent on stage in the All-Star Jam Band, as well as the talent waiting for their turn to participate, there is never any shortage in great musicians to see each year.
To check out The Peanuts’ All-Star Jam for yourself, this year’s event takes place November 26, 2008 (that’s Thanksgiving Eve) at The Hi-Fi Club. The club is located at 11729 Detroit Avenue, in Lakewood, OH. The Show starts at around 9:30PM and goes until ? And the best part of all, IT’S FREE!! “If you’re 21 and over with a proper I.D, you’re on the guest,” Peanuts says.

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