Posted: November 25, 2008 in Music
cover02Recently, the musician known as Cantinero just released his newest album entitled, “Better For The Metaphor”. This new CD marks the second release for the singer-songwriter. Cantinero created the new album as he played many of the instruments himself. He did, however, have some help as some of his musician friends helped to fill out the sound.
“Better For The Metaphor” is the follow-up to Cantinero’s first solo effort, 2004’s “Championship Boxing,” an album that came eleven years after Cantinero made his way to America from his native country of England. While living in England, Cantinero (whose real name is Christopher Hicken) was part of the Alternative-Rock band Bigmouth. It was after that band had decided to go their separate ways that Cantinero decided to come here.
Cantinero’s previous release of “Championship Boxing” ended up giving the musician some well-deserved exposure. Songs from the album ended up being used by National Public Radio on their “All Songs Considered” program. With that show and NPR’s Weekend Edition, Cantinero was exposed to a large audience of music lovers.
The new album of “Better For The Metaphor” sounds as if a musician that has multiple personalities created it: Part of the release sounds like it was recorded by a person who would get played on Adult-Contemporary, or Lite Rock stations. Other parts of the album sound like someone who had spent many years of his career appearing on and off Broadway in musicals made them after deciding that he needed to change directions in his career. And still other parts of the new release by Cantinero sound as if a musician that has a musical background that includes playing in an Alternative-Rock band made them. With all three of these “personalities” showing up in one place, the mood of the album changes pace several times throughout its 37-minute length.
My House, Safe, and Lights Went Out seem to be the most commercial tracks on the release. These three songs could easily find their way onto Adult-Contemporary or Lite Rock stations. In fact, these three songs could end up getting a lot of airplay if the right Program Director ended up hearing about the album.
Go Getter, Selfish, and Stay in Bed are the tracks on the album that have a very “Alternative” feel to them. On any Alternative-Rock station, Go Getter could also also receive a lot of playtime.
And then there are those songs that feel as if they were taken directly out of On Broadway and Off Broadway productions, even Hollywood Musicals. Goodbye Life, Medicated, and Sometimes are the songs that sound like show tunes.
Goodbye Life, in particular, sounds as if it was taken from a show like “The Music Man,” or even “Easter Parade”. Although the lyrics of the song aren’t exactly upbeat, the feeling of the song still seems to say, “Show tune”.
Even though “Better For The Metaphor” by Cantinero feels like three separate people, or one person wrote it with three personalities, Cantinero (A.K.A. Christopher Hicken) is a very good composer. The album is full of songs that could be appealing to people with many different tastes in music. If you like Alternative-Rock, Adult-Contemporary, or Broadway Pop songs, there is certainly something for everyone on this album.

You can find Cantinero on the web at You can also find him on MySpace at 


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