Danie Syre: “Time For the Truth”

Posted: May 11, 2010 in Music

Having only released two albums, Canadian singer/songwriter Danie Syre already sounds like she has had a lifetime of writing and recording behind her. And with her newest release of Time For the Truth, she is sure to gain a lot of followers. 

Like many other singer/songwriters, Danie Syre takes experiences in her life and lets them influence her writing. Time For the Truth, the second release of Danie Syre, was written during a time when she was going through some heartache, having lost her mother and going through a separation with her husband just before recording the album. Instead of letting these things drag her down, Syre used these and other events as subjects for songs for the new album. Danie even wrote the song “Martin” around a guitar given to her by her father who died after the completion of Syre’s first album of The Journey.

The album of Time For the Truth by Danie Syre begins the song “Something Real”. “Something Real” is a song about going through a relationship that isn’t perfect. This song is followed by “Daydream;” a song about starting a new relationship. These songs are the perfect way to begin the album, as they give the listener just a taste of the style of writing from Danie Syre.

“Little Kiss” is the next song on the album. With this song, Syre kicks up the energy level on the release. The upbeat song is about giving a relationship a chance, even if the relationship seems to be based around two opposite personalities being attracted to each other.

One of the strongest tracks on the release is the title track of “Time For the Truth,” a song written after the death of her estranged mother. The song is like someone finally saying what was in her heart that she never was able to say before.

“Baby Maybe” is the next track on the album. It helps to bring the energy level back up after the somber message of the title track. The song is about living in the moment and allowing things to happen, as they will.

As with many folk/folk-rock albums, Time For the Truth by Danie Syre alternates between the songs that have an easy feel and those with a rockier nature. And when the fiddle is added to the music, those tunes have a slight Celtic feel to them.

A lot of things have happened to Danie Syre over the years.  These events led to Syre developing her writing style. The resulting songs on her second release of Time For the Truth sound very professional. This writing style will only get better with time.

As Danie is a guitarist as well as a singer-songwriter, the songs on this album were partially shaped with the help of Syre’s guitar. The songs were completed with the help of many talented musicians. The long list of musicians that helped Danie create the album deserves a lot of credit for shaping that sound and style.

The second release from Canadian singer/songwriter Danie Syre is a solid piece of musical magic. Whether you like folk music, folk-rock or even folk music that has a Celtic sound, Time For the Truth by Danie Syre is the type of album that will make you happy. The dozen songs on the album are all easy to listen to and are varied enough to keep the listener’s attention. For only a second release, Danie Syre seems to already have found the formula for success; only time will tell.

To find Danie Syre, go to www.daniesyre.com. Danie can also be found on MySpace at www.myspace.com/daniesyre.

To purchase a copy of the album Time For the Truth by Danie Syre, click on the album cover below:

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