CD Review: Kev Rowe “Hi Love”

Posted: May 18, 2010 in Music

Kev Rowe is a singer-songwriter from Charleston, South Carolina. Early in his musical career, he helped groups like Big Leg Emma by adding his talent to their music. But after a while, Rowe went out on his own and started writing and recording his own music. Recently, Kev Rowe released his newest album entitled Hi Love.

While Kev Rowe’s previous album of Into The Gold seemed more like a singer-songwriter creating songs of various styles and various subjects, Hi Love seems to be a lot more cohesive. Most of the songs on the release were written as if the songs were letters to someone special. And the songs that weren’t written in that style are very reflective in their lyrics. With the two mindsets, Hi Love seems to be Rowe’s most personal release thus far.

Hi Love begins with the song “Something’s Going Down”. The song is about taking the time to look around and see what’s happening around you. With the song being one of the strongest tracks on the album, it makes for a great way to lead in to Kev Rowe’s latest release.

Once “Something’s Going Down” has finished, the album switches gears into an album with a very personal feeling to it. The first song with that feeling is “I’ll Love You Either Way,” a song about taking the good with the bad in any relationship.

The next two tracks seem to go together: “Cool Me” is about how a relationship can make someone comfortable on even the hottest days, and “Burn Away” suggests the exact opposite effect when the mood is just right.

With the next three songs, Kev Rowe focuses on different aspects to any loving relationship. With “Speak to Me,” Rowe just wants to spend some time having a conversation; with “Gently,” the mood changes to wanting to get close to someone; and with “Walk Through Town with Me,” the sentiment seems to be just wanting to spend time with someone while taking a closer look at your surroundings.

The vast majority of Hi Love from Kev Rowe is set in a somewhat passionate mood, with much of the release written as if the songs were letters to someone special. Along with “Something’s Going Down,” the other two songs on the album that don’t follow this pattern are “Light In My Life” and “Changes On My Mind”.

“Light In My Life” is a song that definitely has some folk feeling to it. The song has to do with searching for things that are uplifting and help you stay out of situations that may not be all that positive. “Changes On My Mind” has a very similar message. The message on this song is to look for beauty that surrounds you and let it help you see the brighter side of life.

The final song on Hi Love by Kev Rowe is “I’m Getting There For You”. Like the previous two songs, the sentiment of “I’m Getting There For You” is about making yourself a better person for those you love. And While “Light In My Life” and “Changes On My Mind” are a little mellower than the rest of the album, the second half of “I’m Getting There For You” brings the energy level up on the release to help give Hi Love a strong finish.

The latest release from Kev Rowe entitled Hi Love seems to be a lot stronger than his previous albums as the songs are more tightly related. The singer-songwriter’s folk-rock style is perfect for the topics of love and reflection that are featured on the album. With this new release, Kev Rowe has made many strides in his music in a stronger direction.

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