CD Review: Vulpine “Channels”

Posted: June 28, 2012 in Classic Review
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Let me introduce you to a five-piece band from Tennessee- the Nashville and Jackson areas to be precise. The band in question is none other than Vulpine.
Vulpine is a quintet made up of Sean Alexander on guitar, Rum Brown on bass, Sean Fuller on drums, Hatch on vocals, and Billy Lupino on guitar.

Vulpine has only been around since 2004; however, the hard rock/alternative band is well on their way to the top of the music industry. Since their CD release earlier this year when their album Channels came out on Cordova, Tennessee based Brutal One Records, the band has started getting their name out there for the entire world to see.

The album Channels from Vulpine begins with the track “My Addiction”. This song along with “Wasted and Broken,” “Dilate” and “Stabilize” all have similar lyrical concepts, all of which seeming to take the listener on a different kind of “trip,” one of both pleasure AND pain due to the emotions running through the singer’s heart at the time and NOT because of certain substances meant to artificially change the way the person is feeling. The album’s first track of “My Addiction” starts the album off with a lot of energy as the band creates a strong alternative rock song that is perfect for the emotion in Hatch’s voice as he sings about how much he needs more of her love “to balance me out”. “My Addiction” is one of the strongest tracks on Channels and seems to have been the best way to start off this release.

The emotional tug at the heart makes up the concepts on the vast majority of the tracks on the songs on this album. One particular song that is meant to stir up your emotions is the track “Persona”. The lyrics on this song about what you feel when you run into an “ex” some time after the two of you break up is well matched with a ‘rock ballad’ type of melody. While one of the less energetic songs on the release, “Persona” is one of the best tracks on the Channels album.

One of the tracks that truly show off the talent of all of the musicians in the band (including singer Hatch, who adds acoustic guitar to this track) is “Clench”. Yet another song that focuses on the pain in relationships, “Clench” takes that pain and translates it into energy, helping to create a track that has both an emotional side to the lyrics and a strong melody that will keep the listener wanting more.

Like “Clench,” the aforementioned “Wasted and Broken” takes the sadness of the relationship and pairs it with a more energetic feel to the music of the song. The resulting emotional rock song ends up being one of the strongest tracks on the CD.

Channels from Vulpine ends with the so-called “bonus track” entitled “After You’re Gone”. The track features some of the strongest musical writing of any song on the release. With a style that fits with the rest of the release and an energy level that does the same, it is almost impossible to guess WHY the band would have only included the song on the album as an afterthought as the “bonus track”. The entire album of Channels from Vulpine, including this track of “After You’re Gone,” is more than worthy of becoming part of your musical library.

Vulpine’s singer Hatch has produced a very radio friendly album with many if not all of the tracks ready for immediate airplay. The single “My Addiction” and other standout tracks including “Wasted and Broken” and the “bonus track” “After You’re Gone” can be previewed by going to You can check out the band’s YouTube account and check out some videos from a really good up-and-coming band as they make their way from indie band to superstars.

Click HERE for a live version of “Persona”.

Back in 2005, I wrote this review on Channels from Vulpine. As I was writing for a Cleveland-based publication, I wasn’t able to give the album the space I wanted to give it. Today, I have updated this entry to be a longer, more complete review of this album. Though the band is no loner active as the various members have gone their seperate ways, the album is still up on the internet where it is available for purchase. Listen to the various tracks included in the review and then go to the profile for the band that is also included in the review.

  1. william evilone says:

    i just wanted say thank you for the kind words. vulpine was a great project and a very talented group. as said we are no longer active together but still very active in music, well two out of the five. hatch is currently working in the project vessel 33 project which has a different sound but still has an inspiring element. billy lupino is currently working with a christian band by the name of lure. lure is working on an album at the moment which should be done around the summer of 2013.

  2. william evilone says:


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