CD Review: Kithy “If You Only Knew”

Posted: July 22, 2012 in Music
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A Cleveland singer who goes by the singular name of Kithy grew up in the middle of music. At a young age, she joined her father in music by backing him up on drums; and later on, she took to performing in other bands as the drummer, as well. In fact, one particular band Kithy was in, Lipstick, gained a lot of attention here in Cleveland as their song “I Want to Be With You Tonight” made it up to number 14 on the charts of local rock mammoth WMMS. And then, she gave up all of that as she found her life was heading in a direction she didn’t like.

After taking a year off to refocus her life and energy in a more positive way, Kithy’s music took on a slightly different feel and energy. With a more spiritual approach to the writing, Kithy took her music and created her 2008 release entitled If You Only Knew. This new album by Kithy is a release that spends most of its time split between those tracks that are upbeat and positive and those tracks that have more of a spiritual feel to them. It also spends time split between songs composed by Kithy and her band and those songs that Kithy decided to include on the release.

If You Only Knew by Kithy begins with the song “We All Fall Down”. The first track of the album is a song that takes a strong rock feel and adds a touch of country to the mix. The song features positive lyrics about not letting being down keep you from getting back up and going on. On this track, Kithy’s vocals come through and show you just how strong her voice is.

The track “Drop Your Gun” begins with the powerful guitars from Kelly Back. Once Kelly Back’s playing leads into the rest of the song, the track begins to take shape as a song with a positive message about making a better choice for yourself. With the unfortunate circumstances of what just recently took place in Colorado, this song really has a more relevant feel today. The song itself seems like something that would feel right at home on the Christian radio station format known as The Fish.

The title track of the album, “If You Only Knew,” has a very auto-biographical feel to it for Kithy. The ballad about her plans for life is bittersweet as she tells of her decisions that led her to create a life in love. The rock guitars and strings create a solid power ballad. The electric guitars from Kelly Back and the acoustic guitars from Bruce Watkins help create a balance between strength and beauty in the music of the track written by Kithy.

In a change of directions, the song “Stand by Me” takes the music on the album in an unmistakably religious style. The song features a blues/rock feel to the music as Kithy sings about being in the midst of Jesus no matter what happens in her life. The music of the song really shows off the talent of the musicians that helped Kithy create this album.

On “My Mother’s Eyes,” Kithy takes a little time to reminisce as she sings the song composed by Tom Jans. The song comes to life as Waldo Weathers adds a light touch of melody on his saxophone. The easy pace of the song really emphasizes the emotion in Kithy’s vocals.

Along with Kithy on vocals and Waldos Weathers on saxophone, the rest of the players that appear in the track of “My Mother’s Eyes” and/or the rest of the songs on the release consist of guitarists Kelly Back and Bruce Watkins, bassists Jimmy Carter and Dave Hundgate, pianist Mike Rojas, keyboard player Gary Prim and percussionist Paul Liem. It is this group of musicians that Kithy called upon to help her create this album that changes just as often as Kithy’s approach to her writing. Whether the band is helping Kithy create a song that is ballad-like or more spiritual in nature, the results are solid. The album of If You Only Knew continuously tugs at your heart, proving that Kithy’s singing is entertaining and powerful at the same time.

You can also find Kithy on IndieHeaven.

Check out Kithy’s song “Stand By Me” by clicking the link on the song title.


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