Ammarah is a five-piece Heavy Metal band from Singapore consisting of vocalist and frontman Aliz, Lead guitarist Aiz, keyboardist Allie, bassist Ruffy and drummer HerryK that has created a sound that would make any lover of Heavy Metal happy. The band takes elements of classic metal bands like Deep Purple and Black Sabbath and combines them with the more recent melodic metal sounds of bands like Dream Theatre. The band is currently in the middle recording but has released one of the tracks as a way to promote their upcoming EP. The song “Sengsara” is a track that was created when lyrics from Aliz were combined with a song written by Wan a decade ago. “Sengsara” begins with a very energetic build-up before the entire band launches into a song that has a classic metal feel. The vocals performed by Aliz have the same energy and delivery as anything that Ronnie James Dio and the music will easily remind you of a cross between Dio and Dream Theatre. Taking their place in the world of heavy metal, Ammarah allows the heaviness of the guitars from Wan and the lightness of the keys from Allie combine to create a track that alternates between a hard metal approach and a lighter melodic approach for the five minutes that make up the length of the song. If the song “Sengsara” is anything to go by, the upcoming release from Ammarah should be a very enjoyable heavy metal release.

Go to the band’s website to check out this song. Stay tuned for the release of the entire EP by Ammarah.

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