Single Review: Bryan Banks “Discard the Dream”

Posted: March 11, 2013 in Single Review
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Bryan Banks is one of those musicians who took it upon himself to create his music on his own. When you have a musician who does everything on his own, the results could either be good or bad, depending on the talent of the individual. With Bryan Banks, there is a definite talent there that can’t be denied, as evident from his song “Discard the Dream”. The track features a solid rock feel to the music as Banks creates the track by playing the guitar, bass and drums by himself. “Discard the Dream” turns out to be a solid track of Rock and Roll that contains plenty of energy to go along with the lyrics of a relationship coming to an end. Bryan Banks seems to take many different flavors of Rock and Roll when creating his music. His music takes some Rock and Roll, Funk, and Grunge and mixes all those styles together in the sound that makes up the music to the track. Throughout the song, the most impressive thing is Banks’ ability to, not only play the guitar, but to also create a multi-layered feel to the guitar part. With the track, Bryan Banks proves that he is not only a good musician, talented writer and fine vocalist, but he can take all of those talents and combine them together while creating his music. Since it is with the first time through the song that you get used to what Banks is doing, repeated listening to the song actually makes Bryan Banks’ “Discard the Dream” better. “Discard the Dream” is both a strong track and a song that shows the definite potential of a musician who is finding his voice in both his music and his talent as a guitarist.

***** (Five Stars)

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