Single Review: Kete Bowers “White River Road”

Posted: July 19, 2013 in Single Review

Kete BowersKete Bowers is an English singer-songwriter that creates Americana music that falls very close to the rock and roll side of the genre. The kind of music that Bowers makes contains a lot of influence from earlier rockers such as Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and even Bob Dylan. And the lyrics that Bowers writes seem to have a storybook-like feel to them. Each song seems to tell a story as the listen gets to experience a moment or two with Bowers as he sings his songs. Having already released an album called Road back in 2010; Bowers is currently promoting a two-song release that includes two songs: “White River Road” and the single’s “flip side” of “Ghosts”.

“White River Road” is a track that contains a large amount of twang that comes care of the guitar from multi-instrumentalist Fran Ashcroft. Along with Ashcroft, drummer Will Jones and pedal steel player Paul Hilton helps bring Kete Bowers’ music to life. The three musicians help to give Kete Bowers’ “White River Road” the type of feeling that would make it fit in with almost any time period in music. That timeless feel in the music and lyrics is just right to allow the song to fit on any modern-day radio format.

Bowers keeps the same type of musical timelessness going on the second track of the “White River Road”/“Ghosts” single. And while the “flip side” of the single seems to slow the pace down a little, “Ghosts” also seems to follow the same “road” theme that appears in “White River Road”. “Ghosts” has a strong rock feel to it feels as if the track were created by The Band.

The two tracks contained within the new two-song release from Kete Bowers are a great way to introduce the listener to the music of this English singer-songwriter.  Take a listen to the release and then check out his 2010 release entitled Road.  

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