CD Review: Heather Fay “Cherish the Broken”

Posted: October 19, 2013 in Music
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Heather Fay is a singer-songwriter that writes music that has a style that combines Country, Folk and even Bluegrass. The resulting Americana style that ends up being created is as strong as anything that has been created by people like Allison Kraus or Emmylou Harris. Heather Fay’s music is featured on her new album entitled Cherish the Broken.

The new album from Heather Fay begins with the track “Drive You out Of My Mind”. The song begins with a rather easy feel and then gradually adds more energy. The song features both fiddle and mandolin to help give the song that folk flavor while the later additions of bass and drums help to give the song its more energetic feel. The song will easily appeal to both Country fans as well as Folk fans. The track is both beautiful and entertaining at the same time.

With the song “Autumn’s Chill,” Heather Fay gives her new release a slightly more simple feel than the previous track. The simple guitar and fiddle coupling for nearly half the track makes for a beautiful yet easy musical backdrop for the lyrics from Fay about spending time in the autumn weather. When the rest of the instruments show up on the track, the easy feel of the song remains. The simple music on the track gives Heather Fay’s voice the chance to come through without her having to overpower the music.

“Breaking My Heart” changes the feel of the music on Cherish the Broken. While the first two tracks on the release have a Folk/Country feel, “Breaking My Heart” has a straight-forward Bluegrass feeling to it. The lyrics to the track bring to mind those writers and performers of Bluegrass music from back in the early days of the 20th Century. The lyrics and music for the song make this song feel very authentic. The track proves that there are still musical artists around today that care about making music that stays true to the roots of the music. Heather Fay definitely seems to be one of those artists.

One of the biggest things that you will notice with this new release from Heather Fay is the way that each song builds from simple songs at the beginning of each track to more complex songs by the end of each track. With the song of “Scraped Knee’d Girl”, Heather Fay creates yet another track that has a simple feel with just guitar and fiddle at the beginning. During the length of the track, more and more instruments combine to create a soft folk track. The lyrics of this track have a slightly heartbreaking feel to them as Fay sings about the hard road she has had to endure through her life.

To change the pace of the music on her album, Heather Fay creates the track “I Would for You”. This track features a lot more Country flavor to it than the previous tracks on the album. The song picks up the pace of the music and creates one of the strongest songs on the album. The song even includes a driving beat from the drum that reinforces the energy of the music.

Just as the listener gets used to the stronger feel of “I Would for You,” the musical landscape shifts once again. The song “Love Stay” is a simple song with a touching message of love. The easy feel of the song gives a nice contrast to the previous track. And the emotional feel to the lyrics may have you wiping a tear away.

One of the most interesting tracks on Cherish the Broken from Heather Fay is her version of the Michael Jackson smash hit “Thriller”. The folk music version of the song really takes the song in a completely different direction than the original version that millions of people know. The song begins with the bowing of the double bass that gives the song a strong eeriness to it. The folk arrangement of the song makes the song feel very fresh. And once the electric guitar and drumbeats enter the song, the track ends up being one of the strongest songs on the release.

Cherish the Broken from Heather Fay has many strong moments throughout the ten songs that make up the release. While the majority of the music on the album falls into Country/Folk, the music features elements of many different genres of music. That combination of genres makes the release very interesting. Whether you are a fan of folk music or you just haven’t found the right artist in that genre yet, Cherish the Broken from Heather Fay just may be the album you’ve been looking for to make you a fan of the style.

Review by: Matheson Kamin
Rating: ***** of out five

Click HERE for the video to “Thriller” from Heather Fay.

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