With today’s music industry more reliant on the digital side of things than it has ever been, there are more bands out there that are getting their names out there by releasing only one song at a time. One particular band that is taking this approach to their music is the Amsterdam-based group, New Renegades. New Renegades consists of Vocalist Ruben Seyferth, Guitarist Martijn Smit, Bassist Joav Richartz and Drummer Oskar Glasbergen. Together, the band is creating a sound that brings back the sound of classic rock and roll, the type that was created back in the seventies. As they claim, the band has been influenced by the likes of The Ramones and Herman Brood. For one of the band’s first songs to be released as part of their “One at a Time” approach, they have released the track “Outta Here”. The song starts off strong with a very strong guitar solo. The vocals from Seyferth add that definite rock feel as his vocal style will remind you of some of the best vocalists in rock. The music of the track effortlessly shifts from a punk-influenced feel and something that might have come from Van Morrison. “Outta Here” brings back a lot of rock flavor that seems to have been lost as bands go more for the commercial feel and leave the real rock and roll behind. While Guitarist Martijn Smit, Bassist Joav Richartz and Drummer Oskar Glasbergen give the song that strong rock and roll feel, the addition of Bas Grijmans on organ also adds some strength to the song. The music from the band and the vocals from Ruben Seyferth combine to create a track in “Outta Here” that gives the listener a nice preview of what is to come from the band as they continue to present their sound one song at a time.

Artist: New Renegades
Song: “Outta Here”

Reviewer: Matheson Kamin
Rating: ***** (five stars)

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