Single Review: The ConSoulTant “New Year, New You”

Posted: December 31, 2013 in Single Review
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Existing somewhere between Dance music and R&B, the musician known simply as The ConSoulTant is currently creating music that will have you running onto the dance floor and having fun. The ConSoulTant (who is also known as Selita) is an Atlanta-based artist who is in the middle of creating her first release. In the meantime, she has released her first single of “New Year, New You”. Released just in time for 2013 to turn into 2014, “New Year, New You” by The ConSoulTant is a very appropriate song for the time of year. The track features upbeat lyrics that go along with the idea of starting fresh with a new year. While the song does seem to lack variety in the lyrics as they are repeated throughout the track, the beat makes up for that as the track features a very strong bass line with enough bounce to the beat to have the listener craving more. The one thing that would be a disappointing aspect of the track “New Year, New You” by The ConSoulTant is the fact that it comes in at under 3 minutes. But that might be a good thing, as it guarantees that the listener will not get tired of the song. Another drawback is that with the song having the type of subject matter that it does, the track seems to have a short shelf life as the track will be pushed to the side once the second month of the New Year is upon us. But with that being said, “New Year, New You” by The ConSoulTant is a strong track and should be enjoyed now while the time is right. And besides, there is more to come from this up-and-coming artist, so enjoy the energy of this track now and stay tuned to hear what comes next.

Reviewer: Matheson Kamin

 Rating: ***** (five stars)

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