Single Review: Bill Sunkel “Frankenstein Walk”

Posted: May 14, 2014 in Single Review
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Artist: Bill Sunkel
Single Review: “Frankenstein Walk”
Reviewer: Matheson Kamin
Bill Sunkel has created music with several bands over the last few years. Currently, Sunkel is creating his own music with his own sound that incorporates many different musical elements that includes rock, soul, jazz and other musical genres. For his new song of “Frankenstein Walk,” Bill Sunkel and his band create a track that brings to mind the magic that was contained within the music of the band Chicago. The unusual nature of the lyrics helps to add a bit of personality to the track. While some may think the track is about something that has to do with the horror genre, Sunkel explains that it has to do with those people who seem to sleepwalk through life, more or less in a trance. But however you look at the song, “Frankenstein Walk” is still a fun track with a lot of personality. The band behind Bill Sunkel is known as Desperate Measures, a group that both he and his brother Rob Sunkel are part of. Together, the entire ensemble helps to bring the track to life. While Bill Sunkel and his brother Rob add a lot of elements to the song, other musicians help shape the music of the track. “Frankenstein Walk” contains plenty of energy as the song begins with a quick guitar riff before segueing into a sound that would easily fit with any song that has been released by Chicago as the horns and the rest of the band create a vibe that is as funky as it is groovy. “Frankenstein Walk” is one of the most recent songs that Bill Sunkel has created and it’s a good indicator of his past work as well as the new material that is currently being written. And with the lighthearted feeling of the song, it’s a good song to use as an introduction to this talented songwriter/musician.

For the video of Bill Sunkel and Desperate Measures performing “Frankenstein Walk,” click on the link.  
Reviewer: Matheson Kamin
Rating: **** (four stars)

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