Single Review: Arkos “In Your Eyes”

Posted: June 3, 2014 in Single Review
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The city of Sumrall, Mississippi is home to the band Arkos. The quintet is made up of Zach Chambliss on Lead Vocals, Chase Eaton on Guitar, Dillon Douglas on Guitar & Vocals, Caleb Herrington on Bass & Vocals, Kaden Stevens on Drums & Vocals. Arkos is a band that has already gained some notoriety despite their limited amount of time together as a band. One of the biggest accomplishments for the band is winning the C&M Music’s Rock War 8. One of the reasons for that honor is the band’s style of rock and roll. The resulting sound of the music from Arkos would match up well with the likes of Sevendust and Seether. Arkos is currently promoting their song “In Your Eyes”. “In Your Eyes” is a modern rock track that any rock fan would enjoy. The song begins with a solo guitar that creates a very strong riff before the rest of the band joins in. Once the rest of the band fills out the music, the song ends up having a very driving feel to the music. The unrelenting pace at which the music travels ensures that the song will stay strong throughout the entire length of the track, even when the music takes on a slightly lighter feel for a few measures. The slower pace of that section of the song allows for the listener to hear the playing ability of the band. That slower passage also features a nice guitar solo that also allows for Chase Eaton and Dillon Douglas to show off their skills as guitarist. The track also features a refrain that is surprisingly catchy that will probably end up getting caught in your head. The song is very strong and will leave any rock and roll fan wanting more from this relatively new band that is well on their way.


To check out the band Arkos and their music, go to the band’s Reverbnation profile.


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