CD Review: Beautiful Mess “Words Getting Around”

Posted: October 27, 2014 in Music
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What happens when family members all end up taking an interest in music indecently of each other? Their musical abilities will grow as they develop their skills and they may eventually decide that coming together and creating one group makes sense; especially if the group makes use of each member’s talents. That is exactly what happened when Tim Ehrhart, Mike Ehrhart and Chris Ehrhart came together to create music as a team.

The Ehrharts all came to music on their own, each finding their own niches. Each had their own parts of music that they focused on. But it was when brothers songwriter Mike and musician Tim Ehrhart were trying to create their sound that they found themselves turning to Mike’s son Chris to be the voice of their new band. With the band, Chris was the one to suggest that the band give their music more of a message than most bands out there today. The resulting band is called Beautiful Mess.

Beautiful Mess has been together and creating their Christian Rock music for several years and the band has released several CDs to this date. The band’s latest CD is a five-song EP called Words Getting Around.

Words Getting Around from Beautiful Mess begins with the song “Crazy”. The track begins with a soft rock feel to the song with a message of believing in your dreams as they may actually come true. The track features an acoustic feel with acoustic and piano as the main aspects to the music. While the track does contain a Christian message, the Ehrharts do not dwell on the Christian aspect of the message on this track. The more important part of the message is pay attention to your dreams and Beautiful Mess does a nice job conveying that message in “Crazy”.

The second track on Words Getting Around from Beautiful Mess in the track “Words Getting Around”. While the first of “Crazy” contains an acoustic rock approach, the Ehrharts change musical directions with the track “Words Getting Around”. The main aspect to the music sounds like the band had been listening to a lot of Jack Johnson before they started creating their music. The music to the track has as much soul influence as Johnson’s music. The resulting track feels nothing like the track that preceded it and yet still feels very natural to the band’s sound. With this track, the message about a higher power seems stronger than on the previous track. And while the message is stronger, the band still does not seem to be preaching.

On “Holding On,” Beautiful Mess returns to a sound that is more acoustically based. With the track, the band the acoustic guitars, piano and light percussion all add together to create a sound on the track that will make acoustic rock lovers happy. The lyrics of the track will give the listener a lot of encouragement as Chris Ehrhart sings that God “reached out and won’t let go”. The simple Acoustic feel to the song makes it feel perfect for many spiritual radio formats.

The 5-song EP from Beautiful Mess comes to an end with the track “Home Forever”. While the song contains a lot of religious feel to it, the music of the track feels very much light something that could have been written by Matt Scannell of Vertical Horizon. The track has a very commercial appeal to it and could be right at home on spiritual radio formats just like the song “Holding On”. Words Getting Around from Beautiful Mess is a strong 5-song release.

The tracks that make up the CD keep the interest of the listener by changing from tune track to the next. And while Beautiful Mess writes songs that contain a lot of Christian values in their subject matter, the band seems to stay away from the usual method of being overpowering in their message. The Christian message in their songs will make fans of Christian music happy while the lighter approach to the message could easily help draw the less religious to their music, as well.

Reviewer: Matheson Kamin

Rating: **** (four stars)

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