CD Review: Shane Martin “Til the Wheels Fall Off”

Posted: June 12, 2015 in Music
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Shane Martin is a singer-songwriter who has been creating his style of Country music for several years. Throughout his time as a musician, Martin has worked on his own and as part of the band Faith Nation. Having once been a One Man Band where he would play guitar, bass and drums on stage all at the same time to create a live sound, Shane Martin has taken steps to expand his musical presence live in concert by adding actual musicians to complete his sound in the studio and live on stage. To help back him up, Martin calls upon lead guitarist Brad Nelson, bassist Mike May and drummer Shawn Kolles to complete the sound. Together, the four men perform under the name the Shane Martin Band.

During his musical history, Shane Martin has released several CDs, which includes his last release entitled Light It Up, which was released in 2012. Recently, Martin created a new release to add to his musical library. The newest release from Shane Martin is entitled Til the Wheels Fall Off.

Til the Wheels Fall Off from Shane Martin begins with the track “I Am What I Am”. The track features a fast-paced feel to the music and feels like it would be perfect for today’s Country music playlists. The song consists of lyrics about how Martin began his love of music when his grandfather offered to buy him a guitar and where the inspiration for creating his music comes from. The autobiographical track gives a nice insight into the background of Shane Martin while also kicking the release off with a lot of energy.

The new release from Shane Martin continues with the song “She’s Got Me Right Where I Want Me”. Instead of containing a strong Country influence, the track features a pop-rock feel to the music. That pop-rock feel will make the track perfect for a crossover hit, making the track feel right at home on either Country stations or Top 40 stations. The slight humor contained in the track will also grab the listener’s attention.

Shane Martin continues the release with the track “Whatever Floats Your Boat”. The track contains a modern-day Country music feel with just a little Blues flavor to it. The track’s lyrics contain the message that you should do whatever feels good to you. The positive message of the song mixed with the solid groove contained in the music makes the song feel fun.

With the track “Georgia Peach,” Shane Martin creates a track that seems slightly retro in its nature as the song feels like it would been right at home on radio stations back in the eighties. The track contains several guitar parts that bring to mind artists like Bryan Adams that would have been played on commercial rock stations back then. “Georgia Peach” is one of the strongest and most infectious tracks on the newest release from Martin and seems to set itself apart from the rest of the release.

Til the Wheels Fall Off continues with the song “Pour the Hurt On”. The soft feel of the music on the track brings to mind the countrified feel of the Eagles with just a little more of a twang to it. The addition of the mandolin on the track also gives the track a slight folk flavor. “Pour the Hurt On” is another track on the new release from Shane Martin that seems to have been written to be played on the radio and could become a favorite among today’s Country music fans. The track is easily one of the best tracks on the release.

Shane Martin picks up the pace and the energy of the music with the track “Beer on the Brain”. The track will instantly feel very familiar to Country music listeners as the song brings a lot of the feel of “Friends in Low Places” from Garth Brooks and mixes it with some of “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” from Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet with just a little of “Margaritaville” thrown in for good measure. Needless-to-say, the track has a very strong fun vibe to it.

The new release from Shane Martin comes to a close with the album’s title track. “Til the Wheels Fall Off” is a track about living like every day matters. While it kind of takes away some of the energy from the previous track, the positive message is a good way of bringing the release to a close.

The seven tracks that make up Til the Wheels Fall Off will keep the listener entertained. The new release from Shane Martin showcases the writing ability of Martin while allowing him to prove he is someone to watch out for in the future.

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