CD Review: The Jason Gisser Band “The River”

Posted: August 24, 2017 in Music
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Jason Gisser BandUpstate New York-based rockers the Jason Gisser Band are a group that formed in 2015.The four-piece band consists of: Jason Gisser (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Tom “The Suit” Forst (lead guitar), Big Thurrsty (drums) and Andrew Fennell (bass).  Together, the Jason Gisser Band released a full-length album of Soul-influenced music entitled In The Garden of Crows.

Having already received positive feedback from that debut album, the band has gone back into the studio to work on their follow-up album. But in the meantime, two tracks (“The River” and “Monster”) have started creating good feedback for the band. So much so, that the Jason Gisser Band has taken those two tracks and created a standalone EP featuring only those two tracks. The two-song release featuring those two tracks has been released by the band in order to give the upcoming full-length album called Monster some strong exposure.

The two-song EP from the Jason Gisser Band called The River begins with the title track. “The River” begins with a rather slow pace to the music. The song features a strong Soul flavor to the music and that flavor helps to form the direction that the band takes with the track. The easy feel to the music comes courtesy of the acoustic guitar from Gisser and the laidback performance from Tom Forst on the electric guitar. The acoustic guitar leads the way in the music while the electric guitar adds just a little texture as well as a little energy to the track. The soulful feel of the track is added to by the background singers who add a little hint of Gospel Choir feel to the track. “The River” is a quiet track that still has plenty of energy in its laidback delivery.

The second of two songs on the new EP called The River from the Jason Gisser Band is called “Monster”. Of the two tracks, “Monster” is by far the heavier of the two. The track begins with an easy moment as the band creates a quiet moment with a subtle hint of a monster in the background. As the music starts to build, the band adds more and more energy to the track. Eventually, the track contains a strong Soul feel to the music and eventually, the four musicians blend their instruments together to create a Soul-based jam. The track of “Monster” throws the idea of something harsh and frightening together with rather soothing music to create a track that has already become a favorite among fans of the Jason Gisser Band.

The new EP called The River from the Jason Gisser Band only contains two tracks. However, the two tracks that are included show off just a little of the band’s musical versatility. Going from a rather laidback song to one that contains a bit more of a groove gives you two sides of the same band gives you a hint at what else the band cane do. The two-song EP also gives you a hint at what else the band cane do. Check out The River from the Jason Gisser Band and stay tuned to see just what else the band has planned for the upcoming release that will be titled Monster.

For more information, check out the Jason Gisser Band’s promo for their upcoming release. The promo features the title track from the album Monster.


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