CD Review: Cat Dail “Fight For Love”

Posted: May 15, 2018 in Music

Cat DailCat Dail is a singer-songwriter from New York City who has spent in access of twenty-five years creating music. Whether with the Indie Rock band distant cousins that she helped to form back in the nineties or with the Magnets, a band that helped bring her music to life, Dail has been busy. But now, she has taken her skills as a writer on her own for a new solo album of music.

The new seven-song EP from Cat Dali features not only Dail on vocals, guitar and percussion, but also album producer Teddy Kumpel on several instruments as well as Shawn Pelton on drums. Together, the trio creates seven tracks that incorporate Rock and Roll, Funk, Jazz, Soul, Blues and Folk into one style that fits into the Indie category. The new EP from Cat Dail is entitled Fight for Love.

Fight for Love from Cat Dail begins with the track “Can’t Buy Love”. The track begins with as slow, deliberately steady beat and a slightly dark feeling to the Blues influence in the music. Eventually, the track evolves to a Pop-rock feel to the music with a slow tempo.  The lyrics of the song deal with a relationship that is slowly falling apart. The sad lyrics to the track match up well with the slow pace to the music.

With the track “Player,” Cat Dail and friends create a track with a strong Funk feel to it. The beat that leads the track in gives the song a groove that adds to the Funk feel. The guitar at the beginning adds even more energy to the groove. The lyrical delivery by Cat Dail takes on a slightly jazzy feel that is reminiscent of something from Joni Mitchell. The Funk/Jazz combination of the music creates a track that comes across as something that would have been created back in the late sixties/early seventies. And while the track does seem rather retro in nature, the song would feel right at home on some of today’s more liberal jazz radio formats.

The track “Wonder Love” is easily one of the more unique tracks on the Fight for Love release from Cat Dail. The track features a strong Pop-rock base to the music, but also contains a strong Alternative feel because of some of the synth-pop elements of the song. In fact, some of those synth-pop elements bring to mind bands like Depeche Mode or OMD. And while there is a certain amount of synth-pop feel to the music, the track ultimately feels like something that would have come from “Wonder Love” and its Pop-rock/Alternative mixture create one of the more commercial moments of the seven-song EP.

One of the more unusual moments on the release belongs to the track “Flow Zone”. Much like the track “Player” from earlier in the release, “Flow Zone” is yet another song that features a retro approach to the music. The music of the song combines elements of 70’s era Disco with some elements of Funk. The strong danceable beat that “flows” through the music of the song brings the Disco flavor to the song while the horns that are included in the track help to bring the Funk feel. Plus, the rather simplistic feel to the lyrics of the song also seem reminiscent to songs from the Disco era. “Flow Zone” ends up being one of the more fun-filled tracks on the release.

After the high energy feel of “Flow Zone,” the music takes on a much softer tone on the track “She Can Fly”. The track combines elements of Blues, Jazz, and Folk together with a solid Rock and Roll backbone. The track’s musical blend create creates an Indie Rock feel. The song features the stylings of Andy Erin on Keys to help bring the Jazz flavor to the track. “She Can Fly” is one song that will satisfy the tastes of many different music lovers.

Cat Dail’s newest release comes to a close with the song “Molly & Matchbox”. For this track, Cat Dali and band combine elements of Folk and Rock to form a song with a rather easy feel to the music. The resulting track brings to mind a combination of Linda Ronstadt and Tori Amos. With the inclusion of coyote at the end of the track howling in the distance, the track even seems to add a little Country flavor to the rest of the music that exists on the seven-song release. The easy feel of the song makes for a perfect song for any Adult Contemporary radio format.

Fight for Love from Cat Dail is a release that makes good use of many different musical elements to help bring the songs to life. For those who like a little variety in the music while still having some sort of glue that holds everything together, the Fight for Love release from Cat Dail is one album you need to check out.

For a taste of the music from Cat Dail, check out the song “Molly & Matchbox“. 

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