Single Review: Welsh Avenue “Disco Moon”

Posted: June 11, 2018 in Single Review
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disco moonDuring his youth, Mark DiLillo took some music lessons that helped to instill a love for Classical music. With that Classical foundation, he also developed a love for Electronica which became part of this music. Mark DiLillo’s part Classical/part Electronica music is matched up with lyrics that have a realistic feel to them as DiLillo incorporates elements from life into them. Taking those various elements and putting them to use with the help of some computer software, DiLillo has created a style that can be found on his music that he has released under the moniker of Welsh Avenue. With that name, he released the four-song EP entitled “The Great Exchange”. Now, only a little bit later, DiLillo returns under the moniker of Welsh Avenue with his newest single. The new track from Welsh Avenue is called “Disco Moon”. Right from the beginning, you notice something different about this track when compared is that “Disco Moon” contains a lot more of an Electronica influence than the EP that had been released last year. Along with the danceable beat that comes from the Electronica music making up the beginning of the track, the intro of the song comes complete with a few Space Program sound bites that add to the ambiance of the track. Eventually, DiLillo takes the track with the danceable feel and expands upon the Space theme that was set into place with the help of the sound bites. Throughout the four and-a-half minutes that make up the track, the Space-related lyrics and the Outer Space sound effects that are present within the song give the track a slightly unique flavor when comparing it to much of the music being released today. While the beat on the track isn’t one of the hardest out there, the gentle feel of the song still contains a nice, gentle feel for those times when you want to slow things down just a little. For his most recent release, Mark DiLillo under the moniker of Walsh Avenue has taken his music and given it a bit of a different feel to set it apart from, not only his last EP, but from the majority of the stuff out there right now.

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