CD Review: Dawg Gone Davis “In the Dawg Pound”

Posted: November 7, 2018 in Music
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Dawg Gone DavisWhile the musical style of Rap/Hip Hop has become extremely popular over the years and has become a lot more serious as that popularity has grown, there are still artists out there today who choose to create new Rap music with a less-than-serious side. One artist out there right now making a name for herself as she creates somewhat humorous (or at least light-hearted) rap music is Kansas City-based Rebecca Davis, better known under her stage name as Dawg Gone Davis.

As herself, Rebecca Davis splits her time between working an office job and writing as an author. It is the creative side of the author in her that led Davis to explore the musical side of her personality. And that musical side led to Dawg Gone Davis. As Dawg Gone Davis, Rebecca Davis is currently creating and releasing one song at a time. At this point, Davis has released four light-hearted Rap tracks which she has released as part of the four-song EP called In the Dawg Pound.

Currently, Dawg Gone Davis is promoting In the Dawg Pound with the first track that she has released as a single, “Middle Age Woman – Hip Hop Style”. “Middle Age Woman – Hip Hop Style” begins with a rather laidback backing track that contains a relatively jazzy feel to it. Once Dawg Gone Davis begins rapping, she raps about being the age she is and making music. The lyrics deal with growing old and not doing it lying down. The easy feel of the music along with the laidback pace to that music allow for Davis to take her time going through the message she wants to convey. This track proves that Dawg Gone Davis definitely can hang with the best of ‘em. And the fact that the track already gained notoriety having reached the top spot on the charts in Europe, Asia (including Russia) and South America doesn’t hurt.

Another track from In the Dawg Pound from Dawg Gone Davis is the track “Forever Music”. Just like the track before it, “Forever Music” contains a strong jazz-like feel to the music. And for the lyrical delivery on the track, Dawg Gone Davis takes a more straight-out “rapping” approach, keeping one thing in mind- “rapping” once simply meant “talking”. Davis’s vocals are simply her reciting the lyrics to the track. With that straight-out talking feel to the lyrics, “Forever Music’s” approach helps to show off Davis’ voice as it would normally be. “Forever Music” also shows off Davis’ sense of humor.  Lines like “Bach is not getting royalties…because he’s dead” show off that humor rather well. Just like “Middle Age Woman – Hip Hop Style” before it, the listener of In the Dawg Pound from Dawg Gone Davis gets to experience “Forever Music” after it already made its presence known over it Europe having already reached its peak position of #11.

Dawg Gone Davis continues her In the Dawg Pound EP with the track “Anthem Pandemonium”. The music for the track will remind many of pop-rock found on today’s Top 40 pop radio, in the style of someone like Ricky Martin (especially for the “pop” quality). For the lyrical content of the track, Davis creates lyrics that would fit with any Hip Hop/Pop icon who talks about their successes in the music field.  And like those she is following in the footsteps of, Dawg Gone Davis has the credentials to back up her boasts on the track; without going overboard with the bragging, that is. The track even has a refrain that is easily one of the most infectious moments on the EP.

For the final track that helps to make up the In the Dawg Pound EP, Dawg Gone Davis concludes with the track “Butt On Fiya”. While the track’s title may seem rather amusing, the track features a rather somber lyrical content as the lyrics deal with Davis’ real-life bout with cancer. Of course, the track isn’t all that serious as Davis talks about replacing the breasts she lost because the cancer that went through her body with an augmentation to her butt, hence the title of the track.  “I’m a pancake for sure. Nothing way up high. Oh yeah, baby. This Butt is On Fiya”. As far as the music of the track goes, the track features music that seems to fit more into Alternative Rock than anything else. It even contains a strong saxophone solo.

While Dawg Gone Davis may not seem like the type to grab the spotlight away from artist like J-Lo, Jay-Z or Kanye, she has already had her share of success. And that success that has come from both her music and the books she has written as an author has helped others as all proceeds from Rebecca’s book and music sales go to Operation Breakthrough’s neediest and most challenged babies and children. She is currently gearing up to release her fifth single to go along with the four that make up the In the Dawg Pound EP.

The In the Dawg Pound EP from Dawg Gone Davis can be found on the Bandcamp profile for the artist. Go there for each and every one of the four singles that make up the EP. You can also find her on i-tunes

For more information, check out the band’s PR Firm, Whiplash PR. Click on the logo below to visit their site.



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