CD Review: Emily Strand “Delay in the Connection”

Posted: March 6, 2019 in Classic Review

Dayton-based Emily Strand is a musician who is currently creating music that is largely based in the Folk music genre. Her style of music blends together a large amount of Folk influence with an equal amount of Rock and Roll. That Folk/Rock blend created by Strand is matched up with her vocal talent to create a sound that is easily reminiscent of earlier female Folk artists like Joni Mitchell or Carly Simon. And while Strand does have a sound that is very similar to the likes of Joni Mitchell, her sound is slightly more commercial. Taking all of that into consideration it is not surprising that Strand’s music is as catchy as it is.

Emily Strand has already released her own music. The singer-songwriter (and guitarist) released her debut release entitled Evansville back in 2000. Recently, Strand added to her music collection with her latest release. That 2004 album from Emily Strand is entitled Delay in the Connection.

The new album from Emily Strand begins with the track called “The Truth”. The song features a strong Tori Amos feel to the music. In fact, when Strand sings with herself to create a harmonic vocal blend, that Amos connection becomes even more apparent. The track features a strong, driving feel to the pace of the music while the music itself is definitely a Pop/Rock blend that would be at home on any Top 40 or Hot A/C radio format. As the beginning track of the release, “The Truth” kicks off the new album from Emily Strand with plenty of energy.

With the title track of the release, Emily Strand creates a style in the music that is rather reminiscent of Sheryl Crow. With the song “Delay in the Connection,” Strand and the rest of the musicians on the release lay down a track that has a style that would fit right alongside Crow’s song “All I Wanna Do”. The track consists mainly of the acoustic guitar that helps to create the main body of the track while the bass and drums fill out the sound. “Delay in the Connection” is a song about losing something in the conversation as two people try to have a conversation. The track feels rather commercial and would once again fit on any Top 40 and/or Hot A/C radio format.

The feel of the album changes with the next track. On the track “Lou,” Emily Strand strips the music down to the acoustic guitar and percussion. The simplicity of the track is what makes it so good. The easy beat is slow pace of the song also set the track apart from the rest of the album. Despite being the simplest track on the album, “Lou” ends up being one of the shining moments on the release.

As Emily Strand changed the feel of the music for the track “Lou,” she did the same thing on the very next song on the release.

The title “Power of Love” should be extremely recognizable to anyone familiar with the music of the eighties. Of course, that title belongs to a song made famous by Huey Lewis & the News back in 1985. And as it was recorded, “Power of Love” by Huey Lewis & the News became one of the most rockin’ tracks of that year. When Emily Strand decided to do her cover, she went in a completely different direction. Like some of the other tracks on this album, Strand’s version of the song is rather laidback. The slower pace, the easier feel of the instruments and the sparse feel to the percussion create a version of the song unlike any cover of the song you’ve ever heard. Sometimes to stand out from the crowd when covering someone else’s track you have to do something completely original. “Power of Love” from Emily Strand will leave you amazed by the sheer beauty of the arrangement of the song.

After creating one of the sparsest tracks on the album, Emily Strand returns the music on her Delay in the Connection album to a full-bodied approach. In fact, the next track of “Apocalyptic” has one of the fullest musical approaches of any song on the album. While most of the songs on the album fall into a Folk category of some sort, the track “Apocalyptic” is as close to being a full-fledged Rock and Roll track as anything on the release. While Strand uses other female influences like Sheryl Crow, Joni Mitchell, even Carly Simon on other tracks, this song feels as if Alanis Morissette had been a rather large influence on Strand as she was composing the track. In fact, it is not that much of a stretch to say that “Apocalyptic” would fit rather well on the Jagged Little Pill release from Morissette. It would fit well right after Morissette’s track called “You Learn”. Of course, in my opinion, this track is better than anything that Morissette has released. With this track, Emily Strand and the rest of the musicians on the album create one of the strongest tracks musically as the song gives everyone involved the chance to stretch. With the way the track is arranged, the track feels like an extended jam while it is only about four and a half minutes long.

The Delay in the Connection release from Emily Strand comes to an end with the song “40 Days”. The song is about someone who is taking some time away from everyone for one reason or another with the singer of the track wondering what the next move will be once the person in question has come out of hiding. The laidback approach to the track suits the subject matter rather well. That same approach is well used as this is the final track of the album and the song bring the release to a close on a laidback note.

Delay in the Connection from Emily Strand is a solid release throughout the ten tracks that are included on it. The base of Folk music threads its way through the album, but the release has plenty of moments that contain a lot of energy.  And several of the tracks on the album contain plenty of promise as they feel like hit singles yet to be released. If you are a fan of artists like Ani Difranco, Joni Mitchell, Sheryl Crow or even Alanis Morissette, Emily Strand is one artist you need to add to your music collection. And you should start off with this album of Delay in the Connection.

For a taste of the music of Emily Strand, check out the song “The Truth“.

To purchase a copy of the album, click on the album cover below:

Delay in the Connection

What you have just read is a review that never got published for one reason or another. It has sat around for more than a decade never having found a home on any of the sites that I have written for over the years. I recently just found this review and knew that I needed to make this mistake right. The sad part of this? The singer-songwriter named Emily Strand that is featured here is no longer in the music profession. That does not take anything away from the strength of this album.
While you cannot find Emily Strand in concert anymore, you can still find her music out there. Find her CDs on her CDBaby Profile. You can also find Emily Strand on Spotify.
So what made me think of this album and the review that never was, you ask? I was walking in a grocery store and the song “Power of Love” by Huey Lewis & the News started playing. It started me thinking about the version of the song that is found on this album from Emily Strand which led to me thinking about the review I never published for whatever reason. So here it is at long last.


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