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Antigone Rising is a Country Rock band from New York. Having been founded by sisters Cathy Henderson and Kristen Ellis-Henderson, the band has had their share of time in the spotlight for their music and other causes that are close to their hearts. The band is known mainly for their 2005 release From the Ground Up. Having had other members come and go through the band, Antigone Rising now consists of: Nini Camps – lead vocals, rhythm guitar; Kristen Ellis-Henderson – bass guitar, vocals; Cathy Henderson – lead guitar, vocals and Dena Tauriello-drums. With an ever-increasing library of musical releases, the band is currently promoting their newest release; a five-song EP entitled Whiskey and Wine Vol. II.

Whiskey and Wine Vol. II from Antigone Rising begins with the hard-rocking track called “Game Changer”. The track begins with a beat that will instantly draw you into the band’s music. The call-and-respond vocals from Nini Camps and the rest of the band at the beginning of the track will remind the listener of something from the Girl Groups like The Supremes or The Ronettes before Antigone Rising takes the track in a more rock and roll-inspired direction that makes the song feel like a true anthem for today’s people who want something more in the world.

The newest release from Antigone Rising continues with the track “I See You”. The track features a folk-rock feel as the band takes their music in a slightly more gentle direction. While “Game Changer’s” energy draws the listener in, “I See You” has its own brand of beauty in both the romantic lyrics and the easy feel of the music. Like “Game Changer” before it, “I See You” feels like it could easily become a single off of the release.

With the track “Weed & Wine,” the quartet brings the energy of the music up as they incorporate a little Rock and Roll into their style. The inclusion of the banjo on the track and the twang in the electric guitar makes the song feel as much like Country music as much as Rock and Roll. The track finds the singer invited her special someone to a special night. The track’s lighthearted lyrics and the fun musical approach on the track keeps the energy level up and makes “Weed & Wine” a song to listen to if you’re in the mood to have fun.

Perhaps the most listener-friendly track on Whiskey and Wine Vol. II from Antigone Rising is the song “My Town”. Right from the very beginning of the song, the band creates a track that pulls upon the emotional feeling of the listener as the lyrics of the song bring to mind everything that makes your hometown so special. The Country feeling blended with the light Rock feeling in the music makes the track perfect for a crossover hit as fan of both genres of music will be drawn to the track. The inclusion of the strings helps to add a lot of emotional feeling to both the lyrics and music of the song. “My Town” is easily the most additive of the songs on the newest release from Antigone Rising.

The newest release from Antigone Rising comes to an end with the track “The Last Time”. The song features one of the strongest energy levels of the songs on Whiskey and Wine Vol. II. Like the track “Game Changer” that began the release, “The Last Time” features lyrics that seem to make a statement. And since “Game Changer” started the album off with a bang, “The Last Time” seems to be the perfect track to bring to an end as it features the same type of energy in the music.

Having already released Whiskey and Wine Vol. I in 2014, Antigone Rising released Whiskey and Wine Vol. II in 2015 to finish the concept. The 2015 five-song EP contains plenty of highs within the limited amount of tracks. Flowing from Country to Folk to Rock and Roll, the five songs in the EP contain plenty of variety and that variety makes the release a jot to listen to from start to finish.

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Port Charlotte, Florida is where you find the band The FundaMentals.  The FundaMentals are a Hard Rock band that still creates the same kind solid rock and roll that true rock fans love. The FundaMentals are reportedly made up of rock and roll misfits from all ways of life. The band consists of The Icon (guitar, lead vocals) and Danger Dan Goodnight (lead guitar), Sir Chas House (bass), Big Hoss (keyboards, vocals) and John “The Hammer” Marnie (drums, vocals). The band’s Hard Rock/Garage Rock music has been released on the band’s 2014 six-track EP entitled Full ‘Mental Jacket. After releasing that EP, the band also released the track “Locked and Loaded”. “Locked and Loaded” features a strong hard rock feel to the music as well as a slight Southern Rock flare to it. While the band calls upon many different influences such as KISS, Official Motörhead, Guns N’ Roses, as well as Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, this particular track will remind many of the powerful rock and roll that was produced by the band AC/DC. The guitar work on the track add a perfect amount of energy to the track while the vocals on the track from The Icon are very strong and match up well with the heavy quality of the music. The band works well together to create a track that contains plenty of energy. The single track of “Locked and Loaded” from The FundaMentals is a great way to discover the music of the band as it gives you just a little taste of the band’s sound and that small taste will leave you wanting for more. And since the band did just release Full ‘Mental Jacket not that long ago, check out the band’s track of “Locked and Loaded” and then find check out the rest of The FundaMentals‘ music.

Reviewer: Matheson Kamin
Rating: **** (four stars)

Check out “Locked And Loaded” from The FundaMentals.

What happens when you take a “ballsy female musical theater veteran” and combine her with songs that were once sung by men? You end up with a musical concept that is truly unusual and extremely gutsy at the same time. The musician who created the unusual concept of reinterpreting songs originally sung by men in a female voice is known strictly by the band moniker of Vagina Fetishists and that is really all you need to know.

The tracks included on the new release of Blood by Vagina Fetishists have a common theme running through them. That theme is “blood”. From one track to the next, the listener experiences some of the most unusual tracks to be reinterpreted much less to be reinterpreted in a woman’s voice.

If you go about creating an album of nothing but cover tunes, the best thing to do is to try to make each song your own so you stand out from those who simply cover the tracks. The unique take concept is extremely true as you listen to each track on the Blood release from Vagina Fetishists.

The first song to be featured on the Blood release is the track “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath”. While the interpretation of the track included here is far less intense than the original by Black Sabbath, Vagina Fetishists’ take on the song makes for a fine rock and roll song. The slightly easier interpretation to “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” gives the listener a glimpse into what will be coming as you make your way through the Blood release by Vagina Fetishists.

One of the most unusual covers on Blood is the Devo tune “Gut Feeling”. When Devo had created their version of the song, they did it in their style of New Wave music and the keyboards and guitars in the band’s signature sound worked together to form the music to the track. When Vagina Fetishists got a hold of the song the track transformed into a keyboard-based track with a slightly slower pace. While the music was now created by keyboard, it still contained a definite New Wave feel to it. The unusual take on Devo’s unusual style seems strangely perfectly for the song.

While Vagina Fetishists interprets some really interesting songs, one of the tracks that ends up being strong is the song “Masters of War”. The folk-rock interpretation of the song works rather well. The Grace Slick-influenced vocal delivery on the track works well to keep the song feeling as if it belongs within the musical era of the sixties.

When comparing the track the AC/DC track “If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It)” to others on the album, it feels slightly out of place. The track sounds downright weird when not sung in the trademark vocals of Bon Scott. The resulting sound still features plenty of energy in both the musical and vocal deliveries, but the vocals sound as if they were delivered by Ann Wilson of Heart and they don’t mix well with the Hard Rock in the music. “If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It)” is far from a bad track, it’s just not quite right without the male vocal delivery.

Blood by Vagina Fetishists continues with the Nirvana song “Dive”. The first thing the listener will notice with the Vagina Fetishists’ version of the song is the easier tempo. The new interpretation takes some of the edge off of the vocals that featured Kurt Cobain’s pain as he sung the lyrics to the track. The lighter approach to the vocals of the track is matched well with an equally softer approach to the music. For this track, the vocalist seems to present the notion that anger does not have to be harsh to be effective.

Although the vocalist does not sound quite right as the singer on “If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It),” she more than makes up for it on the Bob Dylan track “It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Dying)”. While Dylan originally performed the song with a definite folk-like approach, the lyrics of the song have an underlying darkness to them that need more than the folk-like approach. Vagina Fetishists add a bit of darkness to the music by adding some organ to the track and the vocal delivery presented on the song helps to give the song the dark approach it deserves. At 10-plus minutes, the playtime for the track is rather long but seems to fly by as you enjoy the track. And the track helps bring Blood by Vagina Fetishists to a close.

It takes a person with some creativity to think of something that is a little out of the norm. The album Blood by Vagina Fetishists is just that type of situation. And the results are interesting and fun. Some tracks are better than others, but each track is well worth the time to discover just what can be done if you ignore the obvious.

Reviewer: Matheson Kamin Rating: **** (four stars)

Check out the talent of the band Vagina Fetishists by listening to the Black Sabbath track “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath“.