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May Stands Still is a band that showcases the talent of Emily Herndon along with Asha Sukumar. With the new album of When You Come Home, the two have done a great job of creating music that will grab you and never let you go. The music written for this album is fun to listen to. If you like music that crosses from folk to country/bluegrass, the new album of When You Come Home from May Stands Still is just what you’re looking for.

Emily Herndon is a rising star in the folk music genre. With the beauty contained within her voice, Herndon may remind you slightly of either Norah Jones or Sarah McLachlan or even another relative newcomer to folk music, Annie Crane.

Along with Asha Sukumar who adds violin, mandolin and vocals, Herndon creates music under the moniker of May Stands Still. May Stands Still create music that stays true to the music of the artists that have come before them. While there was an EP released a little while ago, May Stands Still is now promoting the new full-length album entitled When You Come Home.

When You Come Home begins with the track “Gotta See”. “Gotta See” is a song that brings to mind the music and songwriting style of Simon and Garfunkel. You can almost hear the style of the duo as you take a listen to this song.

Taking piano and combining it with the ever-present guitar creates a slightly different take on the music on the album. It is on the second song of the release, “Wild 1,” that the light piano feeling plays well off of the easy pace of the guitar. The combination of the piano and the guitar along with the bass, drums and mandolin creates a song that slows the pace of the music down just a bit. The light vocals of Emily Herdon along with the rest of the instrumentation on this track give the listener one of the best tracks on the new album from May Stands Still.

While the electric guitar shows up on a lot of When You Come Home, the instrument becomes a little prominent in the song “I Want You”. The guitar gives the background of the song a stronger feel than most of the rest of the album.

One of the best tracks on the new album is the song “New Groove”. The song will immediately take hold of your attention with its strong beat. The beat, the strings, bassline and many other elements come together to create beautiful that goes perfectly with Herndon’s beautiful vocals on this track. With everything coming together perfectly on this song, you end getting one of the strongest tracks on the entire song. The music shifts from one part of the song to the next and helps to keep the listener entertained throughout the nearly four minutes of music.

With the song “Sleep Alone,” Emily Herndon approaches the song as if it was created by a singer-songwriter with little more than the guitar for the first half of the song. The lyrics feature the singer coming to grips with what her heart is feeling in a new relationship. When the rest of the instruments (which include strings) come in, the song takes on a more orchestral feel. The song has more emotion in it than most of the other songs on the album.

The song “Raina” features a very strong bluegrass feel to it. It also has a strong beat to the music. The song is one of the most infectious of the songs on When You Come Home. It is the bass that makes the song so much fun to listen to as the bassline is very bouncy and the clapping of the hands gives the song just a little more fun to the music.

When You Come Home winds down with the song “Falling”. This song contains lyrics that once again bring to mind those of Sarah McLachlan. The strings on the track really bring a lot of beauty to the ending portion of the album.

“Blue June” brings the new album When You Come Home from May Stands Still to a close with a song that sounds a lot like something from Alison Krauss and Union Station. The pace slows down and the guitar takes the lead for a few bars before the rest of the instruments come in to fill out the sound of the music.

When You Come Home from May Stands Still is due to be released on November 1, 2012. Until then, you can check out some of the music from May Stands Still by going to the band’s website.

***** (out of 5)

While the album of When You Come Home by May Stands Still won’t come out until November 1, 2012, here is Emily Herndon performing “Falling,” one of the songs off that release.

And as a special preview of the actual music from When You Come Home by May Stands Still, here is the song “Gotta See

Annie Crane is one of the most promising artists in the folk genre. Her music will remind you of famous artists like Joni Mitchell, Carole King, and more recent musicians like Linda Williams and Gillian Welch. These singers have a certain something that makes people stop and listen, and Crane has the same type of style to her music that make her one of the best folk singer-songwriters today.

Annie Crane became known for her first full-length release entitled Through the Farmlands and the Cities. That CD came out in 2008 and helped her gain a following that has continued to grow through the years. Now, Crane is celebrating the recent release of her newest album, Jump with a Child’s Heart. This new album is a solid release with much to offer the listener.

Jump with a Child’s Heart begins with the title track. The track features a simple musical backing with Crane on guitar, Eric Wolfson on bass and album producer Frank Hoier adding some slide guitar to the song. The song features a very “folk” feeling to the lyrics, as they tell a story of having to put in some sweat if you want something bad enough. One of the best parts of the song is the three-part harmony created by Hoier and Crane as Crane layers her voice to create that harmony in the vocals of the song.

The second song, “You, Me and the Evergreen,” is one of the most beautiful tracks on the album. The simple instrumentation on the song is just right, as the simple guitar part by Annie Crane adds just enough music to create a background for Crane’s lyrics. The trumpet from Jason Benjamin really makes the song for me, giving the song a lot of beauty to the music. The backing vocals from Crane and producer Frank Hoier add more beauty and texture while filling out the sound on the track.

Folk music is known for songs that tell stories through their lyrics. “Copenhagen Heart” from Annie Crane’s most recent release is one of those types of songs. The song is about the time when Annie got stuck in Paris while on tour because of the volcanic ash coming from Iceland, leaving her in France only a month before her wedding. “Copenhagen Heart” is probably the most produced track on the CD, as the music for the song also features Sarah Bowman as her cello gives the song both beauty and fullness.

For the song “Money Only Hates Me,” Crane takes the song about a sore subject and gives it a very upbeat feel in its music. The bouncy feel to the music presents the idea that Crane is trying to send and plays it down a little. What could be a very depressing song is actually light and fun to listen to. And Crane’s three-part harmonizing at the beginning of the song adds to the light-hearted feeling of the track.

It is on the song “Hell’s Gate” that the listener finds the serious feeling that was expected on “Money Only Hates Me”. “Hell’s Gate” is the song that was written by Annie Crane in response to the BP oil spill. The song was featured on a benefit compilation.

Adding a little sadness to the release is the song “Ghost Body”. The lyrics tell of a woman finding her husband dead and then rejoicing over that fact.

Annie Crane ends her newest release Jump with a Child’s Heart with the song “Lookin’ Out”. The song features lyrics about thinking back to times of sitting with her grandma just spending times on the porch “lookin’ out” at the world. The music is very simple, with just Crane on the guitar and Alexa Woodward on the banjo creating a simple folk melody.

Jump with a Child’s Heart from Annie Crane is a very good folk release. The music will satisfy anyone looking for good folk music while Crane’s lyrics are very accessible to any music lover. The nine-song release from Crane will leave you satisfied while still wanting more.

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Click here for the video for “You, Me and the Evergreen”.