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New Jersey-born Jodelle Boorady has started to make a name for herself as an Indie Rock musician. The singer-songwriter has created music that has a very commercial crossover appeal that will satisfy fans of pop and rock music alike. Along with her own CDs, Jodelle’s music can be found on several compilation releases. Currently, Jodelle is promoting her newest release entitled Better than Ok.

Better than Ok from Jodelle begins with the track “Queen of Crazy”. With this track, the music has been features a large amount of keyboard in it. The main instrument on the track is the piano while Jodelle also adds in a great deal of keyboard-based sounds that help to give the song even more commercial quality to it. The resulting track is a synth-heavy song that could easily find its way onto the radio airwaves on a station that features Top 40 or Adult Contemporary music. With the song “Queen of Crazy,” fans of piano-based music will find a track that will appeal to them in a large way. “Queen of Crazy” is one of those tracks that have a sound that will immediately connect with the listener and have them singing along with the song.

While “Queen of Crazy” has a very heavy piano-based sound, the next track of “Skirt” has a more balanced feel to it as the song features more than the piano that was such a big part of the previous song. On “Skirt,” the song begins with Jodelle playing the ukulele that helps give the song a light feel to it. The song then segues into a slightly heavier track that brings back the piano feel from the first track of the release. The inclusion of the trumpet from Taylor Mandel takes the song in a more orchestrated direction. That direction helps separate the two tracks and gives the release some variety to it.

On the song “Self Portrait,” the music once again has a different feel to it. The track begins with a strong guitar part. That guitar helps set up the song to end up going in a more rock and roll-like direction than the first tracks on the album. The guitar from Nick Pierro on this song is as strong as the piano from Jodelle and the two instruments blend well together to create a track that is one of the strongest moments on the release. “Self Portrait” could easily find its way onto commercial radio where it would fit alongside songs from the likes of Tori Amos, Five for Fighting, even Goo Goo Dolls.

The tempo of the music slows down on the title track of the release. “Better than Ok” once again finds Jodelle creating a song that has a strong piano-based feel to the music of the track. The track is one of the strongest songs on the EP as the music of the song comes complete with a background that features a strong orchestrated feel to it. The easy tempo of the song and the orchestrated background creates a track that, once again, feels as if the song could fit in with other songs on a Top 40 radio format. With the powerful message of getting on with your life and putting the past behind you also makes the track right for crossover possibilities on the radio.

With “The Other Shoe,” the final track of Better than Ok from Jodelle, the song has the same style and feeling as the title track of “Better than Ok”. But “The Other Shoe” is much more based around the piano of Jodelle and the guitar of Nick Pierro as the two instruments come together to create a simple musical background. The electric guitar and piano fill out the sound of the song but still contain a certain amount of simplicity to the music. The simple song brings the release to a close with an easy pace.

The new release from Jodelle of Better than Ok features several songs that are piano-based pop and some that are more rock oriented. The combination of the two styles on the release gives the EP an interesting contrast. Whichever style you like better, the release of Better than Ok from Jodelle leaves you wanting for more.

Review by Matheson Kamin
Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)