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Elisa Korenne is a singer-songwriter from Minnesota who creates music that contains many different facets to it. With each song, Korenne seems to approach the music from a different angle. This helps to keep the music from this talented nicely varied. Elisa Korenne is currently promoting her album Concrete.

Concrete from Elisa Korenne begins with the track “Know Better”. The song is a track that contains a simple lyric about wanting better options in her relationship. The song contains a folk-rock feel to the music that gives the track a nice easy pace.

While “Know Better” has a folk-rock feel, the title track of the release, “Concrete,” also has a slightly easy feel to the music. But unlike “Know Better,” the feel of the title track is a lot jazzier. The inclusion of a trumpet to the music of the track helps to truly bring out its jazzy feel. The lyrics of the song are sung rather beautifully by Elisa Korenne, proving that she has the ability to sing many different styles of music.

With the track “Love to Love,” once again changes styles. The music for this track has a blues/rock feel to it. The track also seems to contain more attitude than the first tracks of the album as Elisa sings about different sexual ideas. The slight attitude in the lyrics and the harder approach in the music of the track give “Love to Love” more energy than the previous tracks.

“Keep it in My Heart” changes the feel of the music yet again. The track brings forward a bluesier feel than the album’s first track of “Know Better”. The slow tempo helps to add some intensity to the music of the track while the lyrics contain a slightly upbeat attitude.

The folk feel from the first track of the album returns on the song “Color Me In”. With this track, Elisa Korenne sings an emotional song about wanting to help complete her lover as long as they return the favor. The easy feel to the song help add some emotion to the lyrics to the song.

Almost as quickly as Korenne slows the pace down with “Color Me in,” music returns to a faster pace with the track “Lean into the Curve”. The track is one of the hardest rockin’ songs on the release. The song has one of the strongest electric guitar parts on the entire release. The electric guitar seems to add a bit of Jimi Hendrix–like flavor to the track. The inclusion of saxophone on the track also helps to give the song a bit of a retro feel. The various elements of the track add up to one strong song that could get the listener up and moving to the beat.

The stronger, faster feel to “Lean into the Curve” is short-lived as the next track on the album once again slows the pace of the release down. The song “Take Me Slowly” is a slow-paced song that features a very intense (and very slow) vocal delivery by Elisa Korenne that truly brings out the emotion and meaning to the lyrics to the track. “Take Me Slowly” is one of the most powerful songs on the Concrete album from Elisa Korenne.

While “Take Me Slowly” is one of the most intense tracks on the album, one of the most fun is “100 Miles to Nowhere”. This is one song that makes you smile with the lyrics that seem to have a bit of humor to them. The track has enough twang to please Country music fans while still pleasing rock fans at the same time.

Concrete from Elisa Korenne contains many songs that switch from one style of music to another. With the ever-changing feel of the album, there is something for everyone on the release. And while the style of music changes throughout the album, one thing that stays constant is Korenne’s ability to create a song that is strong and her vocal ability to sing any style as well. This release is strong on many levels and that is what makes it so good.

Review by Matheson Kamin

Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)

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Boston, Massachusetts is the home to the rock band Canary. The band has created their own sound by taking elements from Classic Rock bands. Having already released an EP by the title of Handsome Stranger, Canary has just put out a single entitled “Let down Your Guard”.

“Let down Your Guard” starts with a drumbeat before the rest of the band contributes to the Blues/Rock feel of the track that brings to mind the Peter Green days of Fleetwood Mac. The song is sung with a soulful approach to the lyrics. The bluesy feel of the music coupled with the soulful vocals create a song that feels as if it should have been created right around the beginning of the first British Invasion by the English bands that were just then discovering the music of the Blues players like B.B. King or John Lee Hooker.

The track has a definite quality that belongs to that particular time in music but also seems to carry with it a certain timeless feel to it so it doesn’t seem so dated. On “Let down Your Guard,” Boston’s Canary creates a strong track that gives their fans a slightly different take on the band’s more contemporary feel to their music. With this track, the band proves that there are still people out there who care about the music that influenced them. No matter whether you are a fan of the more modern rock music or a fan of Classic Rock, “Let down Your Guard” from Canary is a strong track that satisfies either musical mindset.

Artist: Canary
Single Review: “Let down Your Guard”
Review by Matheson Kamin

Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)

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