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Massachusetts-based musician Lindsay Mac started her musical career as a classically trained cellist. With that cello, her style was folk-based and contained a certain amount of beauty while also being rather sparse. But that sparse feel to her music allowed the feeling of the lyrics to shine through.

Years later, Lindsay Mac is still creating music. Having made a name for herself as that cello player, Mac has since turned her attention to a more commercially viable musical style. Lindsay Mac is now creating songs in the music genre of EDM or Electronic Dance Music. And while the music is now a lot more produced, Mac has kept the same basic style to her lyric writing. Lindsay Mac is currently creating an entire album of Electronic Dance Music. That upcoming release is currently entitled Animal Again. And while she is still in the process of creating that EP, Lindsay Mac has released the track “Remember” to help promote that EP.

“Remember” fits in with the many other songs that are currently being played on many Top 40 radio format. The track begins with a beautiful melody that then is joined by a driving beat that keeps the pace of the song going strong. The lyrics to the track about thinking back to a night when a relationship began are very universal and will have the listener agreeing with the sentiment.

While the feel of Lindsay Mac’s music has changed quite a bit since her earlier sound that featured her mainly her cello as she has gone “pop,” she has not changed the way she writes the lyrics and that consistency will help her as she moves even further away from her old style and further embraces the electronic side of her sound.

Lindsay Mac’s EP Animal Again is still a few weeks from being released. However, you can check out the first single of “Remember” right now. If you like Electronic Dance Music, this is a track you need to check out.

Reviewer: Matheson Kamin Rating: **** (four stars)

Click HERE to check out “Remember” from Lindsay Mac.
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