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The rock band The Blacklights creates rock music that is cool and just plain fun. The band has just released the song “Cowboy Weekend”. While the song title suggests a country flavor, the music from The Blacklights lies somewhere between garage rock, psychedelic rock and alternative rock. A very simple bass and drum part from bassist/keyboardist Oscar Ordiano and drummer Bryan Mudrick creates the bottom of the song to make a bed for guitarists Anthony Mudrick and Thomas Mudrick to play on top of. Singer/guitarist Anthony Mudrick sings about needing a break from the norm and talks about taking a “Cowboy Holiday”. The resulting track contains not only the band’s rock music but also some unusual elements such as Theremin and electronic noise. The most unusual part of the song is the last minute or so when the band slows the pace way down. The slow pace of the song suggests the band is running out of steam, which goes well with the lyrics of “One Summer Night, I died for real”. Altogether, the various elements of “Cowboy Weekend” by The Blacklights come together to help the band create a sound that definitely sets them apart from most of the bands out there. Having heard this song from The Blacklights, I am very interested to hear what else the band has in store. Until the band releases a new album, you can find some of the band’s previously-released music on the website for their record label Ten Dollar Recording Co. “Cowboy Weekend” will be released around Halloween of 2012. Something to look forward to.

Reviewed by Matheson Kamin

*****(Out of Five)