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CarlyA few years after releasing her first album, Everything Happens for a Reason, New York City’s Carly Jamison is back and is just as determined to keep the spirit of rock and roll alive. 2013 marks the release of Carly Jamison’s new album, Ungrounded.

Ungrounded from Carly Jamison proves the old adage of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. For her new release, Jamison once again calls on the talents of Georgia Satellites’ Dan Baird to add guitars to the album and producer Tres Sasser to give her new album the same magic that was evident on the 2010 Everything Happens for a Reason release.

Like her last release, the first thing that you will notice is the deeper-than-normal alto voice from Carly Jamison. Her voice is unique and automatically identifiable. That strong vocal quality mixed with the straight-out rock style that Jamison has become known for continues to set her apart from most of the other women who have already made a name for themselves.

The Ungrounded release begins with the track “Superman Fantasy”. The lyrics of the track have a theme running through them as they describe a person who acts like a man with superpowers. The driving feel of the music on the track makes for the perfect way to start off the new album from Carly Jamison.

With the second track on the album, “No Easy Way Out,” the song begins with Dan Baird performing a guitar part that will remind some of the playing of George Harrison. The easy but efficient playing style that Baird uses on the track is

The track “I Don’t Think We Have Ever Met” has a much slower pace to the music. The acoustic guitar from Jamison and organ from Chris Tuttle on the track combine with the rest of the instruments to create a sound that sounds and feels like something for bands like The Black Crowes. The easy feel of the song may even fit in with older artists that would have been found on AM rock radio in the 1970s.

The feel of the album changes with the next track of “Small Talk”. This track takes the listener back a few decades. Because of the inclusion of the saxophone from Chris West, the song has a very retro feel to the music and seems to feel as if it should have been created back in the 1980’s. The playing of Chris West on saxophone and the straight-out rock feel to the rock music in the song brings back the sound of 80’s era Springsteen. If you are one who misses real rock and roll music, the track “Small Talk” will give you at least three-and-a-half minutes of pure rock and roll bliss.

On the track “Prison,” Carly Jamison and the band start out by giving the track an easy feel to the blues-inspired rock music. The music on the track alternates between laid back and slightly more upbeat. When the band takes a few measures to jam several times during the song, they show off the kind of power that might be possible if the song would allow them to release their pent up energy and just let go.

The song “Runaway Train” is a track that truly features a real rock and roll feel. The music is very reminiscent of songs from the early days of rock and roll when Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and even Johnny Cash were just starting out. The classic sound of the track even features the playing of K.S. Rhodes on harmonica. “Runaway Train” is one of the strongest tracks on Ungrounded.

Perhaps the most unusual track on the album is the last track. “I Never Loved You but I Lied” is a track that seems to abandon all rock and roll influences. The playing of K.S. Rhodes on the melodic helps give the track its French jazz-like feel. While “I Never Loved You but I Lied” is one of the most unusual tracks on the album, it does make for a very good final track for the album.

Carly Jamison has created a solid release in her second album of Ungrounded. Jamison stays true to the more classic styles of the genre and that’s what makes the new release from Carly Jamison so strong. If you are a fan of the older styles of rock and roll, this is the album for you.

Ungrounded from Carly Jamison will be released in the near future. Until it is out, stayed tuned to Carly Jamison’s website for further details.

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