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Classically trained singer Charity Chapman has taken steps in the right direction to become a success in the music business. Having already taken a few classes to help prepare her voice for singing a few years back, she started writing her own songs to perform in public and create her own recordings.

And while you may not be familiar with the name of Charity Chapman, the singer-songwriter has had a bit of exposure as some of her music has already been used on television shows like Ugly Betty and X Factor. She has even put out several releases of her own songs that have helped to get her name out to the music buying public. Altogether, the music that Chapman has created has garnered her some well-deserved success.

The world is still getting to know Charity Chapman. However, this talented singer-songwriter released her first CD, Butterflies with Chainsaws, back in 2000. And since then, her library of releases has been steadily growing.
Charity Chapman’s latest release is entitled Gordon the Northern. To bring Chapman’s songs to life, the music in her songs on this release is all piano-based, bringing to mind someone like Sarah McLachlan. For those not familiar with the musician, this short three-song EP is a good place to start to discover Charity Chapman’s talent as a singer-songwriter.

Gordon the Northern begins with the song that many people would recognize from the numerous television shows and movies that have used the song as part of their musical soundtrack: “If I Could Fly”. On this song, Charity Chapman’s vocals are strong and help to add emotion to the lyrics. Charity gives a lot of depth to her voice by adding her own harmony part to the vocals. “If I Could Fly” has a sound that could easily be called “crossover”. The song is mostly pop/rock but has a lot of country flavor to it because of the mandolin that is featured in the instrumentation.

The next song on the latest release from Charity Chapman is the song “Free”. The pace of the release slows down just a little for this song. And while “If I Could Fly” has a “crossover” quality, “Free” is a song that seems like it would solidly fit on your local Adult Contemporary radio stations. This song might bring to mind artists like Faith Hill, or even Macy Gray. In fact, you can almost imagine Macy Gray’s “I Try” and Charity Chapman’s “Free” being played back-to-back on the same radio station.

Charity Chapman’s Gordon the Northern comes to a close with the song “In My Room”. The final song of the release starts out with Chapman softly singing to a slow piano tune. Soon after, the pace quickens and the rest of the instrumentation comes in to fill out the sound of the music. Along with Chapman’s single of “If I Could Fly,” this song also has a “crossover” feel. This song could easily find its way onto radio station playlists, as well.

After the three songs that make up Gordon the Northern, the most recent release by Charity Chapman, have come to an end, the listener is definitely left wanting more from this talented singer-songwriter. Hopefully, there will be more new music released by Charity Chapman in the near future. She recently recorded another single entitled “I Feel Fine,” so the world may not have to wait all that long. In the meantime, you can take a listen to Gordon the Northern from Chapman and then explore the rest of her recordings. Who knows? She may turn out to be your next favorite musical artist.

Click HERE to see the video to “If I Could Fly”.