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The guys in Red Wanting Blue had announced on Friday, February 3rd, that their February 4th concert at the House of Blues here in Cleveland was already sold out. So when Saturday Night came and people started standing in line for the band’s concert, they knew they were in for a treat. Red Wanting Blue is known for their live concerts, and this one promised to be one of the best.

Being in the audience for that concert, you immediately sensed how truly devoted the Cleveland fans for Red Wanting Blue are: The band’s latest release, From the Vanishing Point had only been available for a little over three weeks, and yet the crowd was singing along with the songs as if the band had been playing them in concert for years.

Saturday Night’s concert began with one of the singles off of From the Vanishing Point,“White Snow”. It was hard to tell who was louder-singer Scott Terry or the audience. Either way, the energy produced by the band and the audience was hard to ignore.

Hard as it was to believe, the energy level from that first song was overtaken by the excitement of the crowd when the first few chords of “The World is Over” were played. The song-turned-anthem had people pumping their fists as Red Wanting Blue played the song from the band’s last release of These Magnificent Miles.

While it would have been a rare occurrence at previous concerts here in Cleveland, for this concert singer Scott Terry strapped on his guitars for several songs during the ninety minutes the band was on stage for their concert. The first of these songs was “Walking Shoes,” another track from the new album.

Having seen Red Wanting Blue many times before, it seemed a little premature to see bassist Mark McCullough strap on the Chapman Stick after only three songs. That particular instrument is a sure sign of what song the band will be playing next. And when McCullough played the opening measures to “Spies and Lovers” from the Pride: The Cold Lover release, the audience went crazy with cheers, as the song is a definite favorite of Red Wanting Blue fans. Myself included.

With Cleveland having as large a following for the band as it does, Saturday’s show at the House of Blues was like playing to the “hometown crowd” for Red Wanting Blue. You could hear that “hometown affection” in Scott Terry’s voice as he spoke to the audience during the concert, especially on the intro to “Where You Wanna Go” when he said: “This is a song for a night like tonight.” That particular song features the line- “It’s the same old thing every Saturday Night,” which was very apropos given the day of the week.

Speaking to that hometown connection, Red Wanting Blue later played another new track off of From the Vanishing Point called “Pour It Out,” a song that features the lyrics “But our land ain’t OZ, it’s O-HI-O”. When that line came up, the audience chimed in with a loud sing-along.

While the audience sang along with only a line or two on “Pour It Out,” audience and singer seemed to be one for the entire song of “You Are My Las Vegas”. The audience favorite gave the people in the audience a chance to stretch their vocal chords, and once again, it was hard to tell who was louder, the audience or Scott Terry.
Instead of singing along with the band, there was a little audience participation on another song from These Magnificent Miles. The audience dutifully raised on particular digit during the song “Finger in the Air”. Needless to say, this is another favorite of Red Wanting Blue fans.

The Saturday Night concert for Red Wanting Blue ended with the song “Red Ryder”. This was one song in which lead guitarist Eric Hall, Jr took a solo during the concert. The slower pace of the song made for the perfect end to the concert.

After a short interlude, the band came back on stage for their encore. The three-song finale included “My Name Is Death,” “Your Alibi,” and “Venus 55”. The encore was as good as the concert itself, making you wish the night didn’t have to end. Red Wanting Blue always puts on a great show, and the sold-out crowd definitely got their money’s worth from the band on Saturday Night.

Columbus band The Floorwalkers opened the concert for Red Wanting Blue as the only other band on the bill for the Saturday Night show. The band played music from their 2010 release The Natural Road. The band’s rock music contains influences from different genres like soul, blues and reggae that make their sound full and very listener-friendly. The band performed a very energetic set of music throughout their fifty minutes on stage. With the eclectic feel to the band’s music, they made for a good match to Red Wanting Blue’s music and made for the perfect opener for the night. You can check out the music of The Floorwalkers by going to their facebook page.

(B/W Picture of Red Wanting Blue at House of Blues Cleveland  © Greg Murray)

(Picture of crowd at HOB ©2012 Steve Ziegelmeyer)

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