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Fractal Control is the moniker used by musician Mike Louttit. Louttit writes instrumental rock with a message in the title of each track.  His first release of instrumental rock is an album entitled Disconnection Equals Freedom. Disconnection Equals Freedom from Fractal Control begins with the track “Hidden Truth”. The track opens with a rock riff that has a nice groove to it. Soon, the song takes on a much harder feel as the music goes in a heavier direction. The two-minute track of “Hidden Truth” has a driving feel to it while still containing a strong beat that will get your toes tapping along to the song.

The next track on the Disconnection Equals Freedom release from Fractal Control is called “Awakened and Aware”. Like the previous track of “Hidden Truth,” Mike Louttit continues with his political stance in the title as the title of this track suggests that the listener is now paying attention to what is going on around them. The track contains a much harder feel in the music than the previous track like Louttit intended to wake the listener up and is now delivering a strong message of rock and roll. The lighter approach on the music about a third of the way through the track gives the listener a break from the intensity of the music for nearly a third of the track itself  before the track once again picks up the power in the music. The power in the music makes for a great track that most lovers of harder rock and roll will really enjoy.

With the track “Starved for Change” takes the listener in a slightly different direction, musically. The music of the track is just as heavy as the song that came before it. However, the multiple guitar parts in the song all work together to create the melody and make the track feel as if it was actually a very heavy jazz composition. The track suddenly changes its intensity as the music takes on a much lighter feel. The lighter approach on the music truly brings out the jazzy feel of the earlier part of the track. The lighter, easier pace of the music on the track allows the listener to experience a completely different side to the music of Mike Louttit and Fractal Control. The track continues as the music once again takes on the heavier sound of the earlier part of the track. The alternating between the lighter and heavier styles in the track brings out the meaning of the track’s title of “Starved for Change”. When the two styles are brought together, the track becomes the most complex track on the seven-song release from Fractal Control.

The Disconnection Equals Freedom release from Fractal Control continues with the song “Discovered through Thought”. While it might be a bit heavier than what Frank Zappa might have released on his own, the track features a style of guitar playing that would make Zappa proud as the guitar helps create a very offbeat musical approach. The guitar playing near the end of the track also brings to mind the playing style of Zappa’s son Dweezil. The “Discovered through Thought” track seems to find Mike Louttit exposing just a little of the influences he has picked up as he learned to play the guitar.

Like the album’s first track of “Hidden Truth,” “Retrace” is a track that finds Mike Louttit and Fractal Control creating a very short musical vignette. The strong playing on the track brings out the beauty of the music that seems a bit mellower than the rest of the album. The track is a nice change of pace from the rest of the release and gives a completely different view of the music from Fractal Control.

Disconnection Equals Freedom comes to an end with the track “Already Ourselves”. While the rest of the release is created with the use of guitars, the final track of the release is created on the keyboards. The inclusion of the keyboards on the track helps to put the emphasis on the words being spoken about being ourselves. The easier approach and gentler feel of the music help to bring the release to an end.

The seven-song Disconnection Equals Freedom from Fractal Control is a strong release from the very beginning. And with various styles of rock that are found within the music on the CD keeping the listener’s attention, you’ll have a great time listening to the music.

Reviewer: Matheson Kamin Rating: **** (four stars)

To listen to the music of Fractal Control, check out the band’s Soundcloud profile.