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Divining RodAfter Miyuki Furtado had spent time creating some Alternative Rock with the band called The Rogers Sisters, the band dissolved and went their separate ways. But having spent so much time as a musician, it wasn’t long before musician Miyuki Furtado was looking for the next phase in his musical career. Before long, Furtado hooked up with Patrick Harmon. Like Furtado, Harmon had a background in music that included Rock and Roll. In fact, the band that Harmon had last been a part of created a style referred to as Psych-pop.

You would figure with backgrounds in such strong Rock and Roll styles that the two musicians of Miyuki Furtado and Patrick Harmon would end up creating a band together that was rooted in Alternative Rock or another style of Rock and Roll that was equally as powerful. However, once they came together as a duo, the two musicians started exploring their other musical influences. For instance, with Furtado having been raised in Hawaii, the Hawaiian music was a major influence on him as was Country and Bluegrass. Together with Harmon’s influences, the duo started creating music to fit around the lyrics written by Furtado. Together, the duo started creating music under the moniker of Divining Rod.

As Divining Rod, the duo splits up the musical responsibilities. As the main singer-songwriter, Miyuki Furtado sings and plays the guitar, bass and drums for the duo. At the same time, Patrick Harmon helps to flesh out the music for the duo as he provides the lead guitar/acoustic guitar for each of the tracks that Divining Rod creates.

Having already put out several short releases which includes the 2012 self-titled EP, Diving Rod is currently working on a full-length album that will be entitled Return to Crystal Cove. But for right now, the duo is promoting a two-song single to help get the word out about the upcoming album. The new two-song single from Divining Rod features the tracks “Hemlock Blues” and “Love Come Tumbling”.

The “Hemlock Blues/Love Come Tumbling” single from Diving Rod begins with the track “Hemlock Blues”. The track features a sound that is based around both the acoustic guitar and the electric guitar at the same time. The combination of the two different guitars creates a full sound that seems equally balanced right from the start. The resulting musical combination gives the listener a track that would have been right at home back in the seventies and ends up feeling like something that would have come from some of the more Folk-like musicians from that era. The track also contains a slightly psychedelic feel to that same musical combination while at the same time, containing a very driving feel to the music. Ultimately, because of the folk feel of the song along with the style of the lyrics in the song, the track of “Hemlock Blues” sounds like something from the supergroup Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young if they would have added a lot more energy to their music.

The new two-song release from Divining Rod continues with the second of the two tracks. The second song is entitled “Love Come Tumbling”. With this track, the duo of Miyuki Furtado and Patrick Harmon change the pace to the single by slowing the music down just a little. “Love Come Tumbling” features a style that is slightly retro in its nature as the duo creates a track that combines some elements of early Rock and Roll with more recent Indie Rock. The track begins with a rather simple guitar riff and an easy beat of the bass drum. The inclusion of the bass and the rest of the drumkit help to give the track that retro feel. The song moves along and includes an instrumental break that brings to mind songs from jambands like The Grateful Dead. After a while, the vocals from Miyuki Furtado return to help bring the song to a close. The song of “Love Come Tumbling” feels both fresh and retro at the same time.

The “Hemlock Blues/Love Come Tumbling” single features two tracks from Divining Rod that help to give the listener just a small indication of what is to come when the group finally puts out the Return to Crystal Cove album in the near future. With how strong the two tracks included in the single happen to be, the upcoming release promises to be worth the wait.

While the Return to Crystal Cove album from Divining Rod is still being created, their “Hemlock Blues/Love Come Tumbling” single will be released on November 11, 2017. Along with a digital version, you’ll also be able to purchase CD copies as well as actual record singles.

To check out the music of Divining Rod, click HERE for the Tiny Desk video to “Love Come Tumbling“.

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