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emphmeral-cover-pdf“I grew up listening to Punk Rock and Reggae.” So says musician and music promoter Ryan Zimmerman. And it is very apparent that that is the case when you listen to the Long Beach Island, New Jersey-based artist’s song “Fireproof” from his album entitled Working Musician. The track of “Fireproof” is an equal mix of both of the musical styles blended together to create a sound that is rather reminiscent of a band like Sublime that has made a name for themselves creating music based around that particular blend of genres.

While Ryan Zimmerman’s Working Musician was released back in mid-2016, the musician is currently in the middle of promoting a brand new EP of music. The 2017 4-song EP from Ryan Zimmerman is entitled Ephemeral as a Kiss, a release that features a rather seductive painting on the cover that was created by the musician’s late father. To bring the release to life, most of the music was created by Zimmerman himself on the guitars, bass and percussion with some help from Dan Galvano on drums. The release was produced with the help of producer and engineer Pete Steinkopf.

Ephemeral as a Kiss by Ryan Zimmerman begins with the track ‘The Reason”. While Zimmerman may have grown up listening to stronger musical styles, his new release begins with a track that features a rather relaxed musical delivery. “The Reason” contains the sound of an acoustic guitar as the focal point of the music. That acoustic guitar gives the track a Folk-Rock feel. The lyrics of the track find Zimmerman pondering why things happen to him and how he ends up surviving each of those happenings. While the track is called “The Reason,” it never actually becomes clear as to what “the reason” actually is.

The new release from Ryan Zimmerman continues with the song “Backpacks”. The track contains a slower pace to the music than the previous song, but it comes with a slightly stronger energy level. That stronger feel to the music comes from the fact that Zimmerman has traded the acoustic feel of “The Reason” for one that includes an electric guitar that helps to add a little energy to the otherwise laidback music. The lyrics to the track feature a slightly angry approach as Zimmerman sings about things that make him upset. “Backpacks” finds Zimmerman looking for a way to get away from those annoyances.

On the song “Lola and Johnny,” Ryan Zimmerman takes the singer-songwriter approach as the track features only his guitar and voice. The track’s musical simplicity allows for both the guitar and Zimmerman’s vocals to shine at the same time. However, there is one slight problem as the reverb on the track seems to swallow up the vocals from time to time, causing some of the lyrics to become lost. While the lyric/echo situation is what it is, the track’s simplicity does bring the listener just a little closer to the musician as nothing but the guitar and Zimmerman’s voice make up the track.

For the fourth and final track on the Ephemeral as a Kiss EP, Ryan Zimmerman finally incorporates some of the Reggae influence that he had grown up with into the track of “For the Meek”. The track of “For the Meek” features a strong Reggae vibe to the music courtesy of the guitar on the track. The electric guitar in the music of the track mixed with the percussion helps to create a strong Reggae groove in the music. The lyrics of the song also contain a Reggae vibe that draws from artists like Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff. While there is a Reggae feel to the song, the track also has a gentle delivery to the pace to the music. “For the Meek” helps to bring the Ephemeral as a Kiss EP by Ryan Zimmerman on a strong note.

The Ephemeral as a Kiss EP from Ryan Zimmerman contains four songs that contain different sounds and musical approaches. It is that variation in the musical direction that makes the release as enjoyable as it is.

For a taste of Ryan Zimmerman’s music, check out the song “The Reason“.

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