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Sweet picFolk band Sweet Sweet formed in 2014 in South Carolina. Jeremy Dunham’s vocals and guitars and Kerrine Gifford’s vocals and cello place the sound of the duo into the Folk category. The duo’s sound has plenty of that folk quality to it while still somehow pushing the envelope. There is more to the duo’s music than just the familiar feel of folk music. Together, Dunham and Gifford create a unique sound that should appeal to not only folk lovers but maybe even Indie Rock lovers, as well. As a way of getting their name out there, Sweet Sweet recently participated in NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest. For that contest, they performed their song “Remind Me”. That track and others appear on Sweet Sweet’s newest release entitled In Tandem.

In Tandem from Sweet Sweet begins with the track “To the Stars”. The beginning features a light feel to the music but with a quick pace. That lightness to the music is quickly swallowed by a more complex feel. The music swells as the cello and guitar seem to be built up in order to create a sound that is much larger than just two instruments. The resulting sound contains plenty of folk-like quality to it, but it also has a little roots rock influence as well. The folk/rock feel of the music seems perfect for radio formats such as Top 40 and/or Hot A/C (Adult Contemporary). “To the Stars” is such a strong track that it could garner the duo plenty of airplay on radio.

Sweet Sweet continues their newest release of In Tandem with the song “Daylight”. “Daylight” finds the duo of Jeremy Dunham and Kerrine Gifford creating a track that is closer to folk-rock than the previous track. Dunham and Gifford blend their guitar and cello together to create a sound that is perfect for folk music. The lightness in the music lends itself well to Dunham’s lyrics about spending time with the one he loves. “Daylight” is a wonderfully light track with an easy pace to it.

The next track on the In Tandem release from Sweet Sweet is the song the duo chose to do for their Tiny Desk Contest submission, “Remind Me”. The track begins with a strong passage that features both Jeremy Dunham and Kerrine Gifford creating a duet of sorts with the acoustic guitar and cello along with a strong beat. The blending of the two instruments into one creates a nice harmonic sound. Dunham and Gifford develop the track further and the duo make good use of their folk influences to make a track with a duet style to the lyrics. The addition of the glockenspiel and the production values on this song make the song one of the strongest moments on the release.

In Tandem continues with the song “Cellars and Closets”. The vocal sound of Jeremy Dunham and his delivery of the lyrics on this track bring to mind the style and sound of Colin Hay from Men at Work. Dunham brings the same type of delivery as Hay’s style to this song. Just like the previous song on the release, Sweet Sweet adds many different layers to the music to give the track plenty of body. The light addition of the electric guitar on the track adds a very subtle but beautiful touch to the music. The resulting track brings to mind not only Colin Hay, but also Jack Johnson. The track’s various aspects combine to create yet another moment on the release that needs to be heard.

The In Tandem release from Sweet Sweet comes to a close with the track “Lost Kids”. The light cello from Kerrine Gifford and acoustic guitar from Jeremy Dunham at the beginning of the track along with the poetic lyrics plus vocal quality from Dunham all combine to create a track that brings to mind something from Simon and Garfunkle. In fact, “Lost Kids” sounds like it easily could have been a lost track Simon and Garfunkle’s classic album of Sounds of Silence. The track’s beautiful quality brings the release from Sweet Sweet to an end on a strong note.

Jeremy Dunham and Kerrine Gifford seem to complement each other well as both musicians and singers. Together, they make for a very strong writing and performing duo as Sweet Sweet. The duo’s In Tandem release is extremely strong throughout the EP’s five tracks. And with no low points, In Tandem is the type of release that makes the listener beg for more once the final note plays out.

To hear some of Sweet Sweet‘s music, check out their video for “Remind Me,” the video they made for NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest.

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