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Kally O’Mally is a California-based singer-songwriter who creates a style of music that is most easily categorized as Americana as she incorporates many different styles into her music. While she would probably be called “Pop,” she also has a generous amount of Country influence in her style as well. Having already created one release titled Easy Money, O’Mally has returned with yet another album entitled The Wild West Medicine Show.

The Wild West Medicine Show from Kally O’Mally begins with the track called “Fly”. The track is a moderately-paced song with a Pop-rock flavor that also contains just a touch of Country sound to it. While the song contains lyrics that bring to mind a slightly old-fashioned Country track, the song features plenty of pop-rock feel and the addition of the banjo on the track adds that Country flavor to the track. The Country/Pop-rock combination in the music creates a track that would fit as much on today’s Country formats as it would fit on any current Top 40 format; thus, creating the perfect crossover song for almost any format on today’s radio dial.

O’Mally’s most recent release continues with the song “Sweet Delta Breeze”. While the track still contains the same easy feel from the previous track, O’Mally eliminates the Country influence on this track while increasing the Pop-rock influence. The song allows the guitars to create an easy Rock feel that may fit with songs from back in the seventies. And while the track does feel slightly retro in its sound, it would be right at home on today’s radio as well.

The title track on The Wild West Medicine Show finds Kally O’Mally creating a track that is equal parts Folk-rock and Country. The combination of all of the genres creates music that seems very appropriate for the subject matter of the travelling medicine show. The Country setting almost makes you imagine being part of the crowd that is being drawn in by the not-so-honest band of misfits that make up the medicine show.

For the track “Kisses,” the feel of the music changes from everything that came before it. The song brings to mind songs from the early days of Rock and Roll. In fact, the listener can almost hear the influence of the Everly Brothers in the music and the melody of the lyrics sung by O’Mally. The music of the track brings out the Americana sound of Kally O’Mally on this track.

Kally O’Mally once again changes musical directions on the song “Miss Understood”. While the tracks that came before “Miss Understood” contain combinations of music styles, O’Mally decided to compose this track using one musical approach. “Miss Understood” feels much like a Country song that would have been played back in the seventies. The Lyrics even bring to mind that era of Country music. Had it been written back a few decades, “Miss Understood” feels like something that Loretta Lynn or Dolly Parton might have sung. The track feels like it should be included on playlists on radio formats that focus on Classic Country.

With the track “2 Days Gone,” Kally O’Mally adds a little more Blues feel to her new release. The track about being down on your luck has a feel that many can get behind as we can all relate to having experienced something that makes us depressed. The Blues feel of the music on the track sets the song apart from most of the album.

With the track of “I’m Gonna Run,” Kally O’Mally makes a statement about abuse. While the song makes a very serious point about a very serious subject matter, the four minutes of the song is well-played while also being entertaining. O’Mally wrote the song to help get some information out there for those who are actually going through an abusive situation.

The Wild West Medicine Show from Kally O’Mally comes to a close with the track “Bourbon On My Deathbed”. The bluegrass-inspired track brings back the simpler feel of Omally’s music. That simpler feel makes for a great way to bring her newest release to a close.

The newest release from Kally O’Mally brings out the Country flavor within the Americana genre that O’Mally calls home. The music on The Wild West Medicine Show changes directions from one track to another and Kally O’Mally is able to keep the music interesting from track-to-track. If you are a fan of Americana music, The Wild West Medicine Show from Kally O’Mally is a strong new release.