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‘girl-boy_Madyx is the stage name that singer-songwriter Michelle Blanchard performs under. While she does have other musicians to help bring her music to life, Blanchard is the focal point of the outfit. The resulting musical ensemble (which also includes Pablo Martins on Guitar and Dakota Issacson on Drums to go along with the vocals and keyboards from Blanchard) brings together a pop-rock base with other musical influences to create a sound that would fit on any current Top 40 radio format.  Michelle Blanchard is one of many songwriters who have been influenced by the likes of songwriters such as Pink, Katy Perry and other performers who aren’t afraid to speak their minds and/or go in their own direction instead of being followers. “Girl Boy” from Madyx is a modern-day rallying song for those who fit into the LGBT+ community. The track begins with a musical approach that brings to mind music from the eighties and, more specifically, New Wave music. In fact, the track’s feel brings to mind the eighties version of the track “Tainted Love” which was made famous by British band Soft Cell. “Girl Boy” from Madyx contains a strong synthesizer feel that adds to the New Wave feel of the music. And while there is a strong New Wave feel to the track, there is also a strong Punk undertone that brings to mind songs from Pink. The combination of New Wave and Punk in the track’s music creates a musical feel with a driving beat with an energy level that seems to help emphasize the emotional feel of the lyrics to the track. While Michelle Blanchard and the rest of Madyx released their Worth the Risk album back in 2015, they have been releasing singles every-so-often since then. “Girl Boy” shows off the different mindsets of Michelle Blanchard as a singer-songwriter and is also a good indication of what the band can do.

To hear “Girl Boy” from Michelle Blanchard and the rest of Madyx click HERE

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Massachusetts-based musician Lindsay Mac started her musical career as a classically trained cellist. With that cello, her style was folk-based and contained a certain amount of beauty while also being rather sparse. But that sparse feel to her music allowed the feeling of the lyrics to shine through.

Years later, Lindsay Mac is still creating music. Having made a name for herself as that cello player, Mac has since turned her attention to a more commercially viable musical style. Lindsay Mac is now creating songs in the music genre of EDM or Electronic Dance Music. And while the music is now a lot more produced, Mac has kept the same basic style to her lyric writing. Lindsay Mac is currently creating an entire album of Electronic Dance Music. That upcoming release is currently entitled Animal Again. And while she is still in the process of creating that EP, Lindsay Mac has released the track “Remember” to help promote that EP.

“Remember” fits in with the many other songs that are currently being played on many Top 40 radio format. The track begins with a beautiful melody that then is joined by a driving beat that keeps the pace of the song going strong. The lyrics to the track about thinking back to a night when a relationship began are very universal and will have the listener agreeing with the sentiment.

While the feel of Lindsay Mac’s music has changed quite a bit since her earlier sound that featured her mainly her cello as she has gone “pop,” she has not changed the way she writes the lyrics and that consistency will help her as she moves even further away from her old style and further embraces the electronic side of her sound.

Lindsay Mac’s EP Animal Again is still a few weeks from being released. However, you can check out the first single of “Remember” right now. If you like Electronic Dance Music, this is a track you need to check out.

Reviewer: Matheson Kamin Rating: **** (four stars)

Click HERE to check out “Remember” from Lindsay Mac.
To experience the earlier musical sound and feel of Lindsay Mac’s music, check out the song “Drifted Too Close” . 

Tom Levin is a Sweden-born musician who has spent time creating music. Whether in a band or by himself, Levin has created several albums of music. Levin has just recently created a new album called Them Feet. For the new release, Levin called upon several people who helped to flesh out the music on the release. Along with Levin, other people included in the album are Adam Börjesson, who adds vocals, guitar, mandolin, bass, keyboards and percussion; Kalle Persson, who adds vocals, and percussion; Carl Ekerstam: electric guitar and pedal steel and others.

Them Feet from Tom Levin begins with the album’s title track. “Them Feet” is a track that features a strong groove that contains a lot of Blues flavor that goes along with a lot of Folk feeling. While Levin comes from Sweden, the two musical genres come together to form a sound that has a very American feel to it. For that reason and others, Tom Levin can easily be classified as Americana. This is one track that definitely falls into that category. With the strong groove and the Folk/Blues mixture coming together creates a strange but fascinating musical backdrop for what ultimately ends up being a romantic song about a man who will always want to dance with his lover.

While the track “Them Feet” has a simple Blues/Folk feel to it, the track “I Raise My Flag” contains a feel that is a lot more connected with the modern-day music genres. The track feels more like something that would be found on Top 40 Rock radio formats. The lyrics to the track are from the point of view of someone who has found their voice and is ready to stand up and be counted. The song can easily be considered a personal anthem, of sorts.

Staying in a slightly political vein, the track “As Long As it’s Good” seems to fully bleed Folk-Rock in its musical makeup. On the song, Tom Levin seems to channel Canadian musician Bruce Cockburn; in fact, “As Long As it’s Good” seems to bring to mind the sound and mindset of Cockburn’s track “If I Had a Rocket Launcher”. While Cockburn makes no bones about his anger about the situation he sings about, Levin sings about trying to make the world better. And while the two tracks come from different points of view, the two musicians try as hard as they can to get their points across. To that end, “As long As it’s Good” is as much an anthem of today’s world as Cockburn’s song was of that era.

With the track “Company Man,” Tom Levin creates a track that is one of the more unusual songs on his Them Feet album. The track features a rather strong beat from percussionist Kalle Persson while also containing a painfully slow pace to the music. That pace stays with the song throughout the length although the energy of the music does pick up sixty percent of the way through, or so. It actually takes two run-throughs to the song to actually appreciate the song.  When you understand what Levin is going for with the track, it is at that point that you will start to like the song.

While many of the tracks on Them Feet by Tom Levin have a full musical background, the music on the song “June’s Memory Lane” is sparse with just an electric guitar creating the music. As with other songs on this release, Tom Levin knows how to grab on to your emotions. “June’s Memory Lane” features the storyline of a woman on her way to hospice and the driver who takes her on one last drive around places that meant something special to her during her lifetime. The simple and sparse guitar accompaniment seems to amplify the emotional feeling in the lyrics to the song. While it’s a lovely song, it may not be the wisest move to listen to the song if you just recently said goodbye to a loved one. So be warned.

Them Feet by Tom Levin is the type of album that is great to find every once in a while as the feeling in the music changes from track to track and keeps the album from getting stale. Each song on the release has its own style and that adds to the variety in the music. The one thing all of the songs on the album do have in common is the fact that Levin knows how to reach you, emotionally. Because of that, this is one release that definitely proves that Levin is a very good songwriter.

Rating: **** (four stars)

Check out the video to “Them Feet” by Tom Levin.

Check out this album and other music by Tom Levin by going to his Soundcloud profile.