CD Review: Meresha “New revolution”

Posted: April 23, 2015 in Music
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New Revolution cover artSinger/songwriter/artist (and alien?) Meresha is one of the rare people in the music industry that creates her own music and she does it her way. With Meresha still being in her teens, the young mindset of Meresha shows through in the way her music feels fresh. With the freedom to create her own music, Meresha takes her cues from many different influences. The music created by Meresha flows from one style to the next, changing as she goes.

On her new release of New Revolution, Meresha shows her talent as a singer-songwriter as she has created four tracks are very commercial in nature. Each track easily fits within the three and a half minute mark. Each song could very well fit onto commercial radio as they are just the right length for radio play.

The New Revolution release from Meresha begins with the track “Lemonade City”. The track begins with a gentle beat and a soft touch to the music itself. The easy feel to the R&B music on the track goes well with the lyrics about relaxing in the summertime. Meresha’s vocals are delivered with as gentle a feel as the music to the track. As the song plays out, you can almost imagine just hanging out with Meresha and her friends in the neighborhood as the make the best of the hot afternoon.

New Revolution continues with the title track. “New Revolution” begins with a vocal that is reminiscent of something that might have come from the dance group from the late 90s called La Bouche. And when the vocals from Meresha kick in, the track truly brings back the feel of the music from that time in music history. As the listener enjoys the music of the track, the lyrical content about “bringing back the past” starts to make sense as song really does have a very retro feel to it that will have the listener thinking back to the late 90s.

The new release from Meresha continues with the song “You”. While there are several tracks on the release that are good to listen to, “You” is easily the best track on the release. The track brings the R&B feel from “Lemonade City” and seems to kick up a notch. The way the track feels, it could easily have been written and produced by a major studio. The song has a very strong beat and an infectious musical feel. The simple lyrics also bring to mind much of what is played on today’s radio airwaves. If Meresha could produce something as strong as “You” on her own, what would she be able to create with the help of a major label?

With the final track of the EP, Meresha seems to wrap up the feel of her music very nicely by incorporating certain aspects of previous songs on the release. With a slight dance beat that will remind the listener of “New Revolution” and a stronger R&B feel from “You,” the song “August” has a strong musical base and a strong beat that is also gentle. Throughout the track, Meresha stretches her voice and shows her range as she sings. While she gave several glimpses of her vocal talent earlier in the EP, “August” is the track where the listener gets a real sense of what she can do.

For a young up-and-coming singer-songwriter, Meresha gives the listener a good indication of her talents. The four songs included on the New Revolution release are nicely varied which indicates a strong ability to write songs and to produce music. And her vocal delivery on the songs also gives a good indication of her abilities to perform. With a debut release this strong, one can only imagine where Meresha will go from here.

Reviewer: Matheson Kamin
Rating: ***** (five stars)

Click HERE for the video to “You” from Meresha.

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