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Every Other SundaySometimes when forming a band, the easiest thing is to look to those closest to you. John C. Corrado had been playing drums for a long time and his son John R. had been playing guitar for many years after learning to play drums from his father. Because of their musical connection and their bond as father and son, and having already joined up for an opportunity to play a party together, the Corrados decided they worked well as bandmates and combined their talents into one band. That band is called Every Other Sunday. Pretty soon, their band began to solidify. Combining players of John C’s generation along with younger musicians from John R’s generation, the resulting band is able to combine musical elements from many different stages of Rock and Roll. Every Other Sunday is currently exploring their ability to create a sound and style that makes use of those multi-generational influences. As a result, Every Other Sunday is currently promoting their first single titled “Ghost”. “Ghost” is an Alternative Rock track that brings John R’s musical tastes to the forefront while also adding a little bit of the older Rock and Roll influence to the music of the track. The rather laidback track brings to mind Alternative Rock bands like Green Day and Weezer. Ultimately, it is the Weezer influence that seems to stand out in the song’s music. “Ghost” from Every Other Sunday could easily have been found on the Blue album from Weezer as the track would have fit easily alongside tracks like “The Sweater Song” or “Buddy Holly”. While “Ghost” is only the first real single to be produced by Every Other Sunday, the track is rather strong and shows that there is real potential for more from this multi-generational band as they continue to solidify their style and sound.

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Singer-songwriter Steve Nick is an up-and-coming artist that is currently gaining speed as he releases his music to the world. Having already written over one hundred songs, Nick is currently promoting a new acoustic release that will be entitled “Unplugged”. As a way of promoting the new release, Nick has released the first single off of the release entitled “The Shadow of Your Eyes”. The track comes with a very simple acoustic rock approach to its sound. With the track being acoustic, “The Shadow of Your Eyes” consists simply of Steve Nick and his guitar and no other instruments. With only vocals and guitar, the simple track allows the song from Steve Nick to come through. The clear delivery in the vocals from Steve Nick may remind some of rock and roll singers from the eighties. Because of the simple nature of the music on the track, the music for the track finds Nick borrowing from any number of musical eras for the song. It is the strong guitar work on the song that shows off the talent of Nick as a musician. His guitar work for the song feels very timeless. As a result, the music for “The Shadow of Your Eyes” could have come from the eighties, nineties or today and could fit onto any number of radio formats. Together, the guitar work from Steve Nick, his vocal ability and the feel of the song itself all come together to create a track that is simplistic in nature and yet also gives the listener a really nice indication of what the entire “Unplugged” release sounds like.

Reviewer: Matheson Kamin

Rating: ***** (five stars)

Canadian-born musician and singer-songwriter Frederic Casimir took a step towards his dream of being part of the music industry and enrolled in Berklee College of music where he earned two music degrees. With an additional two degrees to go along with them, Casimir decided he needed a stage name. Today, Frederic Casimir is known as Freddie Atlas. Freddie Atlas divides his time between creating music that follows along with the education he received at Berklee and more pop-influenced music. Recently after releasing songs like “Vain” and “Visions” that are more orchestral in nature, Freddie Atlas went in a more pop-influenced direction and created the single called “Wicked Game”. “Wicked Game” is a song originally written and released by Chris Isaak. And while the original version released by Isaak is a fully fleshed-out pop-rock track that was created using the guitar as the main instrument, the newly recorded version of the song by Freddie Atlas breaks the song down into a very subtle, yet lush arrangement of just the piano and his vocals. Taking the track and arranging it to include the piano instead of the guitar was a great decision as it takes the song in a completely different direction than the original version. The new version of the song features vocals from Freddie Atlas. Atlas is one singer who can actually handle the vocals of this song as his voice and Chris Isaak’s vocals are very similar to each other. That similarity helps Atlas to create a version of “Wicked Game” that seems to have the same musical beauty as Chris Issak’s version. And while the two versions of the song are very similar in nature, Freddie Atlas’ vocal and the beautiful piano combine to create an arrangement that does more to bring out the beauty in the lyrics from Isaak than Isaak’s own version of the track. I can truly say that I really like this version of “Wicked Game” from Freddie Atlas as it keeps much of the original concept of the song from Chris Isaak while Freddie Atlas takes the song in a much different direction because of the use of a different instrument as the basis for the music of the song. A great arrangement and great vocal add up to a cover version that is as good as or better than the original.

Reviewer: Matheson Kamin

Rating: ***** (five stars)

(Click HERE to see the video to “Wicked Game” from Freddie Atlas.)

 The Only Ocean is a Rock and Roll band based in Lompoc, California. The band consists of Wesley Hill on Vocals, Guitar; Dustin Whalen on Guitar; Alex Burdess on Bass and Shae Kakos on Drums. The band draws their musical influences from many different styles of Rock And Roll such as Alternative, Shoegaze, Indie Rock and even Psychedelic Rock. With that blend of styles in one sound, the band creates music that moves from one influence to the next. That style of music is present in the band’s newly released track called “Daydreams”. “Daydreams” is a track that definitely has a large amount of Indie Rock influence within the music. The track begins with a with a light, yet very infectious guitar riff before the song launches into a harder and much more rocking feel. That infectious guitar riff returns again and again throughout the track. As the song progresses, the track alternates a between a very rocking Alternative Rock style and the Indie feel that begins the track. The song features guitar work from both Wesley Hill and Dustin Whalen and their interaction within the song creates many different elements within the music. The rhythm section of bassist Alex Burdess and drummer Shae Kakos helps to keep the song together as each of the band members alternates between the two musical feels in the music.  The vocals from Wesley Hill contain a gentle quality to them throughout the track. The supporting vocals on the track seem to complement the lead vocals and the use of the harmony within certain parts helps to add a nice texture to the lyrics. The final minute of the track feature the band really rocking out before the song ends in the same manner that it began with the band alternating between the easier and harder styles. With the way the song alternates between the two musical approaches, “Daydreams” from The Only Ocean is entertaining and leaves the listener wanting for more.

Reviewer: Matheson Kamin
Rating: ***** (five stars)

Port Charlotte, Florida is where you find the band The FundaMentals.  The FundaMentals are a Hard Rock band that still creates the same kind solid rock and roll that true rock fans love. The FundaMentals are reportedly made up of rock and roll misfits from all ways of life. The band consists of The Icon (guitar, lead vocals) and Danger Dan Goodnight (lead guitar), Sir Chas House (bass), Big Hoss (keyboards, vocals) and John “The Hammer” Marnie (drums, vocals). The band’s Hard Rock/Garage Rock music has been released on the band’s 2014 six-track EP entitled Full ‘Mental Jacket. After releasing that EP, the band also released the track “Locked and Loaded”. “Locked and Loaded” features a strong hard rock feel to the music as well as a slight Southern Rock flare to it. While the band calls upon many different influences such as KISS, Official Motörhead, Guns N’ Roses, as well as Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, this particular track will remind many of the powerful rock and roll that was produced by the band AC/DC. The guitar work on the track add a perfect amount of energy to the track while the vocals on the track from The Icon are very strong and match up well with the heavy quality of the music. The band works well together to create a track that contains plenty of energy. The single track of “Locked and Loaded” from The FundaMentals is a great way to discover the music of the band as it gives you just a little taste of the band’s sound and that small taste will leave you wanting for more. And since the band did just release Full ‘Mental Jacket not that long ago, check out the band’s track of “Locked and Loaded” and then find check out the rest of The FundaMentals‘ music.

Reviewer: Matheson Kamin
Rating: **** (four stars)

Check out “Locked And Loaded” from The FundaMentals.

Massachusetts-based musician Lindsay Mac started her musical career as a classically trained cellist. With that cello, her style was folk-based and contained a certain amount of beauty while also being rather sparse. But that sparse feel to her music allowed the feeling of the lyrics to shine through.

Years later, Lindsay Mac is still creating music. Having made a name for herself as that cello player, Mac has since turned her attention to a more commercially viable musical style. Lindsay Mac is now creating songs in the music genre of EDM or Electronic Dance Music. And while the music is now a lot more produced, Mac has kept the same basic style to her lyric writing. Lindsay Mac is currently creating an entire album of Electronic Dance Music. That upcoming release is currently entitled Animal Again. And while she is still in the process of creating that EP, Lindsay Mac has released the track “Remember” to help promote that EP.

“Remember” fits in with the many other songs that are currently being played on many Top 40 radio format. The track begins with a beautiful melody that then is joined by a driving beat that keeps the pace of the song going strong. The lyrics to the track about thinking back to a night when a relationship began are very universal and will have the listener agreeing with the sentiment.

While the feel of Lindsay Mac’s music has changed quite a bit since her earlier sound that featured her mainly her cello as she has gone “pop,” she has not changed the way she writes the lyrics and that consistency will help her as she moves even further away from her old style and further embraces the electronic side of her sound.

Lindsay Mac’s EP Animal Again is still a few weeks from being released. However, you can check out the first single of “Remember” right now. If you like Electronic Dance Music, this is a track you need to check out.

Reviewer: Matheson Kamin Rating: **** (four stars)

Click HERE to check out “Remember” from Lindsay Mac.
To experience the earlier musical sound and feel of Lindsay Mac’s music, check out the song “Drifted Too Close” . 


The city of Sumrall, Mississippi is home to the band Arkos. The quintet is made up of Zach Chambliss on Lead Vocals, Chase Eaton on Guitar, Dillon Douglas on Guitar & Vocals, Caleb Herrington on Bass & Vocals, Kaden Stevens on Drums & Vocals. Arkos is a band that has already gained some notoriety despite their limited amount of time together as a band. One of the biggest accomplishments for the band is winning the C&M Music’s Rock War 8. One of the reasons for that honor is the band’s style of rock and roll. The resulting sound of the music from Arkos would match up well with the likes of Sevendust and Seether. Arkos is currently promoting their song “In Your Eyes”. “In Your Eyes” is a modern rock track that any rock fan would enjoy. The song begins with a solo guitar that creates a very strong riff before the rest of the band joins in. Once the rest of the band fills out the music, the song ends up having a very driving feel to the music. The unrelenting pace at which the music travels ensures that the song will stay strong throughout the entire length of the track, even when the music takes on a slightly lighter feel for a few measures. The slower pace of that section of the song allows for the listener to hear the playing ability of the band. That slower passage also features a nice guitar solo that also allows for Chase Eaton and Dillon Douglas to show off their skills as guitarist. The track also features a refrain that is surprisingly catchy that will probably end up getting caught in your head. The song is very strong and will leave any rock and roll fan wanting more from this relatively new band that is well on their way.


To check out the band Arkos and their music, go to the band’s Reverbnation profile.