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stephencovell3For the last dozen years or so, Stephen Covell has been creating music. The Austin, Texas-based singer-songwriter has been creating music that is deeply influenced by Folk-Rock. The Folk-Rock style goes well with the writer’s storyteller side of his personality. Because of that, the songs that Covell writes seem very close to stories set to music.

Some of the songs that Stephen Covell includes on his releases have a slight reference to the military in them. That is because Stephen Covell spends part of his time as a musician performing his own material and at other times, Covell is one of the active members of an organization called Operation: Encore, A Veteran Music Project. Operation: Encore is very close to Covell’s heart as the organization helps to support current or ex-military members who are looking for something to do outside of the military world that so many are part of.

As a part of the military, Stephen Covell was a U.S. Army combat medic. As a musician, some of Covell’s songs are very deeply steeped in the civilian mindset; the mindset of enjoying time while back on American soil.

As part of Operation: Encore, Stephen Covell has written several songs that have made their way onto the two current releases that help to promote the music of the artists that are part of the organization. In fact, one of Covell’s tracks ended up becoming the title track of the group’s newest release called Monuments. And along with “Monuments,” one other track from those two compilations is now included in Covell’s newest CD, a five-song EP called Longing for the Hills.

Longing for the Hills by Stephen Covell begins with the track “Ruled by You”. A Rock and Roll track that features an easy, Folk-like pace to the music, “Ruled By You” is a track that finds Covell creating a song that comes across as a love song. The easy pace to the music and the emotional feel of the lyrics helps create a track that feels ready-made for the radio. In fact, “Ruled by You” has enough of a Folk feel to the music that the song seems to have a slight twang to it, making it perfect for “crossover” potential for both Country and Pop-rock radio formats.

The new EP from Stephen Covell continues with the song “We Guards Stood Our Watch”. One of the more personal tracks on the release, “We Guards Stood Our Watch” finds Covell asking why others get to enjoy themselves when those on duty choose to keep watch? The music to the track features a much softer feel to the music. In fact, the almost orchestral feel to the music adds both a slight gentleness to the track and an emotional tug at the heart, as well.

Stephen Covell includes the first of the two Operation: Encore compilation tracks next. Having been included on the organization’s first release, the track “Sand Hills to Sandals” is the perfect track, lyrically, to follow “We Guards Stood Our Watch”. Like the track before it, “Sand Hills to Sandals” deals with military life. However, with this track, Covell focuses on the more upbeat and positive side of life as he sings about being home from overseas and being able to enjoy the things he could not enjoy while on duty; things like going to the beach. While the track does offer a happier side to life than “We Guards Stood Our Watch,” Covell also mentions more sober things like dedicating a toast to those who never made it home. The music to “Sand Hills to Sandals” is once again rather laidback in its nature. The folk music seems to have the best choice for accompanying the semi-sweet lyrics to the track. While “Sand Hills to Sandals” is one of the more laidback tracks on Longing for the Hills, it’s also one of the strongest tracks on the release.

Following the first of the Operation: Encore compilation tracks on Stephen Covell’s new release is the second one entitled “Monuments”. This is the track that was chosen as the title track for the 2017 release from the organization. “Monuments” from Stephen Covell is the hardest rocking track on the singer-songwriter’s new album. Like the other tracks on the five-song release, “Monuments” contains a strong folk influence to the music by way of things like the addition of the mandolin. However, this track finds Covell and the other musicians who helped create the EP adding a lot of Rock and Roll feel to the music. The track comes across as something that may have recorded by The Eagles. The Pop-Rock style of the music on the track makes the song one of the most commercial moments on the release. “Monuments” could easily be the single off of the release. Stephen Covell changes directions completely for the final track on the five-song EP.

The final track of Monuments, “Winter of My Soul,” is an Eric Clapton-inspired track that features a slow-paced Blues-flavored approach. The track includes some very Bluesy guitar playing that would make Clapton proud. While “Winter of My Soul” comes out of nowhere when compared to the rest of the release, the track proves that Stephen Covell has a wide array of influences to draw from. And those helped Covell to create a very strong release from the first note to the last.

His impressive background notwithstanding, Stephen Covell’s new five-song release, Longing for the Hills, is a testimony to the talent that is sometimes hidden within the most unlikely people. And with the five tracks on the new release being different from one song to the next, that talent really shines in this release. Having already released several other albums thus far, this five-song EP would be a great place to discover the talented singer-songwriter named Stephen Covell.

To hear the music of Stephen Covell, check out the song “Monuments“. For more reading about Operation Encore, check out the review for the first album, the second release of Monuments, the review for Rachel Harvey Hill, the review for Andrew Wiscombe and the review of Steve D. Wilson


ReminderCalifornia-based band Energy Alchemist is the brainchild of Bill Hankins, a multi-talented musician who draws his influences from many different sources and musical styles. Because of that, the music he creates is guitar-driven but also contains plenty of keyboard sound that helps to give his music a very strong multi-layered feel.

Initially, Energy Alchemist was a one-man creation with Bill Hankins creating everything himself. Soon, however, Hankins found himself the possibility of something bigger and richer. That was where the concept of expanding the musical concept of Energy Alchemist into a full band was born. Soon, the band consisted of Bill Hankins on Guitar, Vocals, and Programming; Erik Koski on Bass, Matt Heath on Drums and guitarist Julian Sterling. Together, the newly-formed quartet is taking the music of Energy Alchemist to where it has never been.

Currently, Energy Alchemist is busy creating new music. And having already releasing a full-length album entitled Ghost in the Machine earlier in 2017, the band has returned with yet another release; a three-song EP entitled Reminder.

The Reminder EP begins with the sole original track from Energy Alchemist entitled “Reminder”. The EP’s title track begins with an electronic feel to the music as electronic drums join forces with keyboards that create a slightly Middle Eastern musical approach. The music is joined by Bill Hankins as his vocals adds to the exotic feel of the track. That exotic sound turns quickly into something heavier as the band creates a track that is a lot closer to Heavy Metal than the first thirty seconds had been. The rest of the track features that Heavy Metal feel to the music with solid bass lines, strong drums and the sound of two guitars that blend together to create a solid Heavy Metal sound. It’s the interaction between Bill Hankins and guitarist Julian Sterling that helps to make the melodic metal come to life. Soon, the addition of keyboard programming joins the guitars to create a track with lots of depth to the music. The nearly six-minute track shows off the two different mindsets of electronic and Heavy Metal that the band members bring to the music of Energy Alchemist.

Setting this release apart from anything that had been released by Energy Alchemist in the past, the three-song EP is part tribute release as two of the tracks included in the release are the band’s reworkings of songs from a Heavy Metal band that had come from the town of Ukiah in Northern California. That band was named Definition Unknown. The two songs remade by Energy Alchemist end up being a short but sweet tribute to the now-defunct band that existed from 2002-2008.

The first of the two tracks from Definition Unknown that was remade by Energy Alchemist is the track “Way Too Late”. Comparing the two versions of “Way Too Late,” Energy Alchemist starts their version staying pretty loyal to the original material. So loyal, in fact, that for the first minute or so, the listener would have a hard time telling the two versions apart. In time, however, Energy Alchemist brings in a lot more of the Electronic/Metal mixture that’s present in the band’s style. The Electronic/Metal mixture takes the Definition Unknown track and gives the song a fresh musical take. Between the two versions of “Way Too Late,” what it ultimately comes down to is which style of music you like better. But overall, Energy Alchemist has produced a version of the song that pays homage to Definition Unknown and does it in a classy way.

Energy Alchemist follows their tribute of Definition Unknown’s “Way Too Late” with their version of the Northern California band’s song “Flush”. Like Energy Alchemist’s version of “Way Too Late,” they stay pretty loyal to the original version of the track. In fact, they stay closer to the original version of the song “Flush” than they did with the first cover. Of course, the electronics in Energy Alchemist’s version do shine through in their version, but the overall feel stays the same until late in the track. It is late in the five-minute playtime that the band introduces strings into the song. The inclusion of strings is what truly sets the two versions apart.

The three songs that make up the 2016 Reminder EP from Energy Alchemist shows off the talent of the members of the band. Plus, the artwork used for the album was based on artwork created by Bill Hankins’ father, proving that talent does run in families.

Energy Alchemist will shortly be celebrating the release of their Reminder EP. For more information on the release date, check out the band’s website. Until the release date, check out the video to the band’s song “Awaken the Dreamers“. 

For more information, check out the band’s PR firm, Whiplash PR.  


Venus TheoryVenus Theory is an electronic music ensemble coming from Peoria, Illinois. Consisting of Alecia Gates – Vocals/Production/Lyrics and Cameron Gorham – Instruments/Production, the two began creating music under the moniker of London Has Fallen where they developed a rather musical style that drew largely from the musical styles known as Dubstep and Drum & Bass. But as they created their music, London Has Fallen’s music has a slightly dark tone to it. With this style under the London Has Fallen moniker, the duo created a total of three releases before deciding to go in a different direction, musically. And that was where Venus Theory came in.
While the music from London Has Fallen contained that slightly dark tone to its music, the duo’s new identity of Venus Theory has gone in a direction that includes a lighter tone to the music. And while the tone of the duo’s music has been lightened, they still draw from the Dubstep style. That electronic music with the slight danceable feel to it is what makes up the duo’s newest release and first under the Venus Theory moniker. The first EP for Venus Theory is entitled Nightwalker Pt. 1.
Nightwalker Pt. 1 from Venus Theory begins with the track “Fire”. The track begins quietly as it fades in. The song features a rather laidback and somewhat sparse approach to the music as the music feels rather open and airy. That laidback feel to the music creates a groove that draws the listener in while still allowing for Alecia Gates’ vocals to shine through. The gentle approach to the music that exists throughout the track invites the listener in and encourages them to stay for the rest of the release.
The second track for the Nightwalker Pt. 1 EP from Venus Theory is titled “Afraid to Let Go”. The gentle feel found on the previous track of “Fire” finds its way onto the beginning of the second track. While not to the same extreme, the dark musical approach of the duo’s identity as London Has Fallen seems to come through on this track. The track contains a slightly dark and Industrial feel to the music that is mixed with the gentle pace of the track. That musical approach is soon joined by a beat that contains a danceable quality to it. While not strong enough to dance to, “Afraid to Let Go” will easily having the listener nodding along to the music.
The new release from Venus Theory continues with the track “Echo”. On this track, the duo of Alecia Gates and Cameron Gorham seem to fully embrace their past musical approach as “Echo” has a much deeper and darker feel than the previous songs that preceded it. The track of “Echo” makes good use of the duo’s Drum & Bass and Electronic influences. The song also contains a large Industrial influence to the music just as “Afraid to Let Go” did. The slow pace of the song mixed with the Drum & Bass influence creates the darkest moment of the five songs that make up the Nightwalker Pt. 1 release.
After two tracks that take the music of Venus Theory in a dark direction, the duo changes directions on the fourth track of the EP. The track “Lay Down” contains a very strong electronic approach to the music. In fact, of the five tracks that make up the Nightwalker Pt. 1 release, the electronic influence of the band comes through strongest on “Lay Down”. The quick beat that is featured on the track makes the song perfect for inclusion in playlists for dance clubs. The track really lets go about halfway through the four-and-a-half minute playtime when the beat is at its strongest. Of the five songs that make up the new release from Venus Theory, “Lay Down” is easily the one track that needs to be heard.
Venus Theory’s Nightwalker Pt. 1 release comes to an end with the track “Heart Still Beating”. With this track, the duo slows the pace down quite a bit. The slower pace and the less intense musical approach at the beginning of the track alternates with a slightly stronger approach throughout the track. The quietness that comes with “Heart Still Beating’s” sound brings the five-song release from Venus Theory to a close on a somewhat easy note; although, that doesn’t mean that the track is boring.
Nightwalker Pt. 1, the new EP from Venus Theory, contains strong songs from beginning to end. The five tracks that make up the release make good use of the band’s various influences and blend together to make one strong release.


To hear some of Venus Theory’s music, check out the track “Lay Down.” 


To check out the EP of Nightwalker Pt. 1 from Venus Theory, click on the link.


Venus Theory CD


Jason Gisser BandUpstate New York-based rockers the Jason Gisser Band are a group that formed in 2015.The four-piece band consists of: Jason Gisser (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Tom “The Suit” Forst (lead guitar), Big Thurrsty (drums) and Andrew Fennell (bass).  Together, the Jason Gisser Band released a full-length album of Soul-influenced music entitled In The Garden of Crows.

Having already received positive feedback from that debut album, the band has gone back into the studio to work on their follow-up album. But in the meantime, two tracks (“The River” and “Monster”) have started creating good feedback for the band. So much so, that the Jason Gisser Band has taken those two tracks and created a standalone EP featuring only those two tracks. The two-song release featuring those two tracks has been released by the band in order to give the upcoming full-length album called Monster some strong exposure.

The two-song EP from the Jason Gisser Band called The River begins with the title track. “The River” begins with a rather slow pace to the music. The song features a strong Soul flavor to the music and that flavor helps to form the direction that the band takes with the track. The easy feel to the music comes courtesy of the acoustic guitar from Gisser and the laidback performance from Tom Forst on the electric guitar. The acoustic guitar leads the way in the music while the electric guitar adds just a little texture as well as a little energy to the track. The soulful feel of the track is added to by the background singers who add a little hint of Gospel Choir feel to the track. “The River” is a quiet track that still has plenty of energy in its laidback delivery.

The second of two songs on the new EP called The River from the Jason Gisser Band is called “Monster”. Of the two tracks, “Monster” is by far the heavier of the two. The track begins with an easy moment as the band creates a quiet moment with a subtle hint of a monster in the background. As the music starts to build, the band adds more and more energy to the track. Eventually, the track contains a strong Soul feel to the music and eventually, the four musicians blend their instruments together to create a Soul-based jam. The track of “Monster” throws the idea of something harsh and frightening together with rather soothing music to create a track that has already become a favorite among fans of the Jason Gisser Band.

The new EP called The River from the Jason Gisser Band only contains two tracks. However, the two tracks that are included show off just a little of the band’s musical versatility. Going from a rather laidback song to one that contains a bit more of a groove gives you two sides of the same band gives you a hint at what else the band cane do. The two-song EP also gives you a hint at what else the band cane do. Check out The River from the Jason Gisser Band and stay tuned to see just what else the band has planned for the upcoming release that will be titled Monster.

For more information, check out the Jason Gisser Band’s promo for their upcoming release. The promo features the title track from the album Monster.


Swap MeetCleveland’s Swap Meet is a very unique musical ensemble when comparing it to the rest of the music scene in the area. While much of the musical atmosphere within Cleveland is made up of Rock and Roll of many sorts or Heavy Metal, Swap Meet sets itself apart from the crowd by creating a rather different sound and style. The band of Swap Meet consists of: Kari Rutushin on vocals, rub board, flute ukulele; Michelle Reyna on vocals, washboard; Hoseff Garcia on bass; Stuart Abrams on lead guitar; Walter Genutis on vocals; and Peter Nario-Redmond on vocals and guitar. Together, this ensemble is currently making the Greater Cleveland area a lot more musical with their style that takes Folk, Jazz, Swing, and Bluegrass music and blends the styles together to create a sound unlike anything else in the city. The band currently has one CD of all original material out. That CD is entitled Trailer Hitch.

Trailer Hitch from Swap Meet begins with the track “Gypsy Desire”. One of the more creative tracks on the six-song EP, “Gypsy Desire” finds the ensemble following in the footsteps of the band The Squirrel Nut Zippers. In fact, “Gypsy Desire” sounds so much like something that that band would have created that you can almost imagine the track on one of that band’s albums. While The Squirrel Nut Zippers create their Swing sound with an entire band, Swap Meet creates a very similar sound on the track using only two guitars. Stuart Abrams and Peter Nario-Redmond create the Swing style on the track while Nario-Redmond is joined on vocals by Kari Rutushin and Michelle Reyna as all three vocalists take turns adding one verse of lyrics each to the track. The simple yet captivating track is one of the strongest songs on the Trailer Hitch release.

The band changes the direction of their music on the next track called “Waters Blue”. With this track, Swap Meet creates a track with a definite Bluegrass feel to it. Just like with “Gypsy Desire” before it, “Waters Blue” once again contains only the two guitars from Stuart Abrams and Peter Nario-Redmond. But unlike the Swing influence that was found on the EP’s first track, the guitars found on “Waters Blue” contains that Bluegrass twang that lovers of that style are always looking for. The combination of vocals from Peter Nario-Redmond, Kari Rutushin and Michelle Reyna help to create the harmonies that also help give the track that undeniable Bluegrass feel. Throw in a few religious references about being baptized in the “waters blue” and the track ends up being one of the best Bluegrass songs created in a long time.

With the track “Drunk This Morning Again,” Swap Meet create a track that makes use of the band’s Folk tendencies. The trio of guitarists Stuart Abrams, Peter Nario-Redmond with Hoseff Garcia on bass create a gentle Folk melody while Nario-Redmond sings the lyrics about the morning after. Along with the instrumentation that adds that Folk feel to the track, the four-part harmonizing by Nario-Redmond, Rutushin, Reyna and Walter Genutis adds a lot of texture to the track. The lyrics contained within the song have a slightly dark sense of humor to them. “Drunk This Morning Again” is another track on the Trailer Hitch release from Swap Meet that stands out.

Swap Meet’s current release of Trailer Hitch continues with the song “Moon Beams Fall”. On this track, the music changes directions yet again as the band creates a song that contains an acoustic Blues feel that is very reminiscent of the band Fleetwood Mac when that group contained Blues guitarist Peter Green. The bluesy feel of the Swap Meet on “Moon Beams Fall” is helped along with the help of the flute from lead vocalist Kari Rutushin. While being an acoustic track, “Moon Beams Fall” makes good use of the Blues influence found in the musicianship in the band. That Blues influence creates quite a different feel to the song when compared to the rest of the release.

The sixth and final track on the Trailer Hitch release is the song “What’s So Good about Being Happy”. As the band returns to more of a Folk-like sound, the band gives the spotlight over to multi-talented vocalist Kari Rutushin. While the title of the track may suggest a rather somber idea, the vocals from Rutushin come with plenty of energy and an upbeat delivery. Even though there are plenty of things that can drag you down, “What’s So Good about Being Happy” from Swap Meet can add a bright spot to your day. No matter what the title may say.

The Trailer Hitch EP from Swap Meet may only contain six songs, but those six songs come with a lot of variety. They give the listener a wide variety of sounds from the band in a short amount of time. The release indicates a good starting point for a band that’s only been together for a short amount of time. The band definitely sets itself apart from the rest of the music scene in Cleveland with this release. And with a city so full of Rock and Roll and other heavy sounds, it’s good to have something lighter to listen to once in a while. Trailer Hitch from Swap Meet is a great album for those times when you’re looking a for a change of pace.

To check out the music from Swap Meet, click HERE for the video to the band’s song “Gypsy Desire”.


C.K. FlachWhen listening to the music of New York State-based singer-songwriter C.K. Flach’s music, you can definitely hear the inner poet in him come out in his songs. The songs he writes have a very strong poetic feel to them as if they were simply poems set to music. As a matter of fact, to prove just how much of a poetic feel his writing style truly has, the artist even recorded one actual spoken piece and included it on his newly released album.

Along with the poetic style of C.K. Flach’s lyrics, he also creates his songs performing the majority of the musical parts himself, with only a few instances where friends and family help to flesh out the sound of the songs. The resulting poetic Americana musical style of C.K. Flach’s songs has made its way onto the musician’s 2017 album entitled Empty Mansions.

Empty Mansions from C.K. Flach begins with the track “Lazarus”. Proving that Flach’s poetic lyrical style can encompass any subject matter, “Lazarus” finds Flach making reference to a biblical character. The song about the character Lazarus being called forward in a church setting is set to a musical style that mixes some Folk elements with a few Rock and Roll ones. These elements create a track that features a slow, yet steady pace to match up with the somber lyrics. The acoustic guitar-driven track shows off some of Flach’s ability as a guitar player. The song’s slightly laidback approach allows the listener to ease their way into the new release from Flach.

The new release from C.K. Flach continues with the song “Boxcar Dreaming”. While the previous track was guitar-based, C.K. Flach creates this track with keyboards. With this track, Flach slows things down as he lightens the feel of the music. While “Lazarus” was an equal amount of Rock and Roll as well as Folk, “Boxcar Dreaming” features a lot more Folk influence. The resulting track would be perfect for a Soft Rock radio format.

One of the strongest tracks on the Empty Mansions album from C.K. Flach is the song “Tranquilized”. Ironically, with this song, Flach increases the energy level of the music ever so slightly instead of bringing it down as you would expect with a title like that. Although the track is still pretty laidback to the music, “Tranquilized” contains a driving feel to the guitar on the track. About halfway through, the track picks up the energy of the music.

The poetic side of C.K. Flach comes out on the track “The Officer”. In a nation where those who are hired to protect are sometimes just as dangerous as the ones we want to be protected from, some people have an unfavorable opinion of the police. The song of “The Officer” is a track that deals with a scenario of a person being pulled over and not treated well by the officer doing the pulling over. The sing-song delivery of the lyrics and the slightly bluesy music make the song feel like a beatnik poem.

The album continues with the title track. Throughout the release, C.K. Flach creates tracks that have a definite spiritual overtones to them. Along with the earlier track of “Lazarus,” “Empty Mansions” is one that features that approach. “Empty Mansions” finds Flach contemplating many things in life that make him question which direction to take in life. The piano and the strings in the background of the track combine to create a beautiful melody. As he sings, C.K. Flach sings about some of the sadder things that are happening in the world today. With this track, the lyrics contain one of the most somber moments on the albums.

Much like “Empty Mansions” before it, the track “Machine Gun” finds Flach a very political track. The guitar and harmonica that appear on the track bring to mind the spirit of Bob Dylan, although the style of the music on the track is very much C.K. Flach. The track finds Flach speaking to those who carry guns and bring harm to men, women and children alike. Like many of the Folk songs from the sixties, “Machine Gun” is a song that speaks to those who want to bring an end to the senseless violence both here and abroad.

Like the track “The Officer” from earlier in the album, the track “Firmament” once again finds C.K. Flach bringing out the poet in him. But unlike “The Officer” that features both spoken poetry and music, “Firmament” is strictly Flach as he reads his written words. The simple “voice only” track finds Flach closing out his new release with a powerful poem with a very strong message against oppression.

Throughout the ten tracks that make up Empty Mansions from C.K. Flach, the listener gets to experience a poet at work as he creates song-length vignettes that deal with all sorts of things from religion to politics to everything in between. And since the album changes musical directions throughout those ten tracks, there is plenty of variety to help form a truly unique release that stands out against most of today’s commercial albums.

To hear a little bit of the music from C.K. Flach, check out the title track for Empty Mansions.



Danny EverittHouston-based singer-songwriter Danny Everitt has several decades of writing experience under his belt. In his time as a singer-songwriter, Everitt has developed a style of music that has since become known known as Americana. The music that he creates is heavy on the Country influence but also has plenty of other styles that help to influence the sound. The resulting music from Everitt has been released on a wide variety of releases, some of which were his own albums while others were released under Everitt’s own name. The latest solo album from Danny Everitt is 2017’s Dream Big.

On his newest release of Dream Big, Danny begins with the title track of the release. The track “Dream Big” contains a straight-out Rock and Roll approach while also containing upbeat vocals about going for the most you can get. The track features a strong electric guitar sound that helps add to the Rock and Roll sound. With the Rock and Roll approach it contains, the track sounds as if it would have been right at home on Rock and Roll radio formats back in the eighties.

The song “My Son” slows the pace of the music down. The song takes a Folk/Rock blend and adds a little Jazz to the music in the form of trumpet and strings. The Folk/Jazz sound creates a mellow and laidback to the track and that adds to the emotional feeling of the lyrics about a son who must carry on when his father passes on. The track adds a lot of feeling to the beginning of the Dream Big release.

The album continues with the song “Get the Hook,” a song about a man who wins the lottery and then finds out that money will change your life, but maybe not in the way you may want. The track’s Blues/Rock sound picks up the energy of the music on the release. “Get the Hook” is one track on the release that finds Everitt creating a song with a message.

One of the most beautiful moments on the new release from Danny Everitt belongs to the song “Rosalie”. The track features lyrics about a woman who lives her life as a lie. The slow pace of the song is matched up well with the laidback feel of the music and helps to add to the feeling of the words. The acoustic guitar and accordion help to add to the beauty of the music. While one of the most laidback songs on Dream Big, “Rosalie” ends up being one of shining moments of the album.

As the release continues, Danny Everitt and the rest of the musicians who helped to create the album once again turn out one of the strongest moments on the album with the track “The Tables Have Turned.” The song features a sound that would bring the listener back into the seventies. The music and lyrics for “The Tables Have Turned” both contain a quality that are reminiscent of the era when much of the music played on the radio during that time period was more than just a little laidback. Not only would “The Tables Have Turned” have fit well with other songs from that era, the track feels as if it would have climbed rather high up the music charts at that time.

As the Dream Big album continues, the listener gets to experience a track that seems a little out of place on today’s Country music formats. The song “One Good Chance” is the type of song that would surely have been a hit single in another time period. “One Good Chance” has an energetic quality in its music that would have been perfect for the late seventies, early eighties.

The song “Is There Anymore Gold” once again seems rather retro in its sound. As the track begins, the song contains a Country-Rock sound that seems almost familiar. That’s because the music and the lyrics of the tune incorporate a style that brings to mind the spirit of Rick Nelson; more specifically, Nelson while he was performing with the Shadow Canyon Band. “Is There Anymore Gold” is yet another moment on the Dream Big album from Danny Everitt that the listener will enjoy a radio-friendly track that seems almost destined to become a “hit” single.

The Dream Big album from Danny Everitt showcases the musician’s abilities as both a singer and a songwriter. Throughout the eleven songs that make up the release, the listener will discover many songs that will please their taste in music. And with songs that are strong enough to be singles, Dream Big is one album that not only deserves to be in your album collection, it deserves multiple plays on your favorite music device.

To check out the music of Danny Everitt, click HERE for the song “Dream Big”.