Single Review: Microcosms “Forget Us”

Posted: July 16, 2019 in Single Review

Sometimes you learn an instrument and then create a band. Sometimes you spend years playing one instrument only to find inspiration in another instrument. That was the situation with songwriter and founder of the band Microcosms Andrew Tschiltsch who spent time playing drums for years before the desire to play guitar hit him. And once the guitar was in his hand, the desire to create his own songs hit. Tschiltsch spent a few years recording and experimenting with the way his music sounded before bringing Bryan Emer (bass) and Jered Pipenbrink (drums) into the fold. Together, Tschiltsch, Emer and Pipenbrink create the Chicago-based band called Microcosms. The band’s first release, Know My Body, came out a few years ago in 2017. And in 2018, the band released their latest EP called Fairytale. While the Fairytale album from Microcosms was released back in 2018, the band continues to record. The band just recently added one new song to their available music. The newest track from Microcosms is entitled “Forget Us”. The track features a light, bouncy, fun feel to the music. At least, that’s the way the initial thirty seconds of the track feels. After those first thirty seconds, the track slows down and the music takes a slightly darker turn. That darker feel to the music, while not as cheery as the first part of the track, goes well with the lyrical content of the song. The lyrics deal with how the world around you shapes your attitude and how it’s somewhat difficult to stay upbeat when the rest of the world is a lot less positive. Although the lyrics of the track does contain some darkness, the music is probably the best thing to focus on. The music alternates between musical directions as part of the track is dark and some of the track is fun and bouncy. The five tracks that make up the Fairytale album from Microcosms and the band’s newest single of “Forget Us” contain the same musical approach as well as a rather similar style. They also have the same overall production quality. Although the new single and the EP are separate entities, the tracks feel as if they belong together. While they do not create one release, the listener is given indication of the direction the band is most likely heading in.

Take a listen to “Forget Us” and then head over to the Bandcamp profile from Microcosms and check out their remaining music.  
You can also find the single from the band on spotify.

For more information, check out Microcosms’ PR Firm, Whiplash Marketing & Whizkid Management. Click on the logo below to visit their site. 

To check out my review of the band’s EP entitled Fairytale, click HERE.

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