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Singer-songwriter Rob Georg is currently making a lot of noise down in Nashville. While there haven’t been many foreign-born artists that have chosen to follow in New Zealand-Australian singer, songwriter Keith Urban’s footsteps to make a name for themselves in the Country Music scene, one such artist is German-born cowboy/singer-songwriter/guitarist Rob Georg. Down in Nashville, Rob Georg has been releasing his songs and gaining a following because of his music. Having already released several singles that have garnered him praise such as making it into the US National Radio Hits AC Charts Top Ten for the song “This Ain’t My First Rodeo,” Georg is in the middle of completing his debut album which will be released sometime in 2020. But as for right now, Rob Georg is promoting a track perfect for the 2019 Christmas Season. Rob Georg’s new Christmas single is entitled “When I Make It Home for Christmas”. For this Christmas-themed track, Georg is joined by two other individuals: Corey Lee Barker (NACMAI songwriter of the year 2012) and Kristin K. Smith (writer, producer and vocal coach). Together, the three individuals created the track called “When I Make It Home for Christmas”. The song is not your usual Christmas fare as the lyrical content is not about Jingle Bells, Mistletoe, Sleigh Rides… This song is about so much more. This track is about spending time with your family for the holidays. More specifically, this song finds the main focal point of the track longing for the Holidays as he makes his way home from overseas, where he has been stationed as part of the military. The soldier in the song sings of the things he plans on doing once he makes it home to the one he loves, including covering her in kisses. Combining their efforts, Rob Georg, Corey Lee Barker and Kristin K. Smith have created a track that follows the more traditional Country feel to the music. Meaning that this track would fit in more with songs from Classic Country artists from the fifties, sixties and seventies rather than the artists currently creating Modern Country music with its Country/Rock blend. The track features a gentle pace as well as a soft musical approach with a strong Country feel to it. The mandolin and acoustic guitar at the beginning of the track set the pace as the rest of the instrumentation create that Classic Country feel. The piano and soft electric guitar on the track help to add depth to the track. “When I Make It Home for Christmas” from singer-songwriter/guitarist Rob Georg contains enough traditional Country feel that it could easily feel right at home among Bing Crosby’s “Jingle Bells,” “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” from Frank Sinatra, even “Tender Tennessee Christmas” from Amy Grant.

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Find “When I Make It Home for Christmas” from Rob Georg HERE.

Mark Ambuter is a singer-songwriter from the city of Crestline, California. Ambuter had been a part of bands earlier in his life. And during that time, he was creating music that was drawing from the likes of Led Zeppelin, Badfinger, George Harrison, along with many others. Eventually, certain reasons made it difficult for Ambuter to continue and he left the music industry for a while. Now, however, he has returned to rekindle his love for making music. The result was the result of the 2016 album entitled A Scratch of Grace. Along with that album came other singles. One such single is the track “Love is Everywhere”. Like many of the folk and folk-rock songs that were released back in the sixties and early seventies, “Love is Everywhere” was created by Mark Ambuter as his statement against the current political climate in the United States. And because this new track falls into that type of situation, it should come as no surprise that Ambuter has created a new song that draws from the climate and artistic expressions that were around back in the sixties and early seventies. Meaning, of course, that “Love is Everywhere” by Mark Ambuter not only contains a great deal of Rock and Roll influence, but the song is heavily laden with certain psychedelic influences, as well. But since this track was produced by English producer Stuart Epps who had worked with several British artists like Elton John, George Harrison, Led Zeppelin, The Firm and others. The heavy psychedelic influence on “Love is Everywhere” begins right from the beginning as the track starts with the sound of the sitar and percussion which helps to transport the listener back in time to the sixties. The beginning seconds of the track feel like a Hare Krishna song before the track takes on a more modern feel to the music. The rest of the track takes on a pop-rock feel that reminds the listener of modern English rock and roll tracks from the like of Coldplay or even like the American band Imagine Dragons. To go along with the music, the lyrical content of the track is delivered as one entire group of singers helps to back up Ambuter as he sings of the love that’s in the air as people fight the current political climate that is creating the unfriendly feeling in the country. While there is an undeniable retro feel to the track, there is also enough of a modern feel to the track that you could imagine the track getting a lot of plays on Adult Contemporary radio formats if given the chance.  

“Love is Everywhere” by Mark Ambuter is already a rather long track at over four minutes in length. But Ambuter decided to extend the track by creating the “Extended Single” version of the song. By giving the track the extra fifty seconds or so, the song ends up with more of a jamband feel to the song. You can hear the track by click on the link below.