The North Coast Music Festival Pt. 1

Posted: November 7, 2008 in Events
NCMFThe city of Cleveland has been lucky to have so many fun and interesting music events here over the last few years. From the Cleveland Music Festival (now The Cleveland 100), The CMJ Rock Hall Fest, and most recently, The New Music Seminar, Cleveland has had a lot of good things happening in the area as far as music is concerned. And it will only get better.
With The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame inductions taking place in the city next year, the city of Cleveland is about to get a really big shot in the arm as far as our national exposure is concerned. But the Rock Hall inductions are not the only things to look forward to next year. There is so much more.
Next year, the city of Cleveland will have another music event taking place in the middle of summer 2009 that the whole world will be paying attention to. Next August, Cleveland welcomes The North Coast Music Festival. The North Coast Music Festival will be taking place on Malls B and C in Downtown Cleveland and will feature many bands from around the area, around the country, and from around the world.
The North Coast Music Festival will be a three-day event that will have many different parts to it:
There will be a whole lot of music played by over 50 bands from around the country and the world. With many different styles of music as part of this event, there will definitely be something for everyone. Bands will include people like Blessid Union of Souls; Cleveland’s own Rosella, as well as many others.
There will be a Motorcycle Rally taking place that will support the Military Heroes and act as a Welcome Home Party for the veterans who have recently been brought back. As part of the Welcome Home Party, Nashville Recording Artist Daniel Smith will be singing his hit, “Thank You”.
And there will be a competition to find Ms. North Coast. And everyone can take part. Those ladies, who think she has what it takes to win, can take part in the contest, and the rest of us can be part of the judging.
And of course, there will also be things like food to check out and other things to do. Some of the other things scheduled for the event include several parties that you can be a part of if you buy tickets to the festival. For complete information on what you have to do to be a part of the parties, check out the website.
The North Coast Music Festival will be taking place from August 7th to August 9th, 2009. The reason for the early article on a festival that will not be taking place until late summer, 2009, is because a limited amount of tickets for the event have been made available for early purchase. The tickets will be going on sale for the festival on November 15th, 2008. If you are interested in being part of one of the biggest things to happen to Cleveland, this is the time to make sure you have your tickets for the festival.

For complete information on The North Coast Music Festival, check out the website at You can also find the festival on MySpace at

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