CD Review: Venus Theory “Nightwalker Pt. 1”

Posted: September 15, 2017 in Music
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Venus TheoryVenus Theory is an electronic music ensemble coming from Peoria, Illinois. Consisting of Alecia Gates – Vocals/Production/Lyrics and Cameron Gorham – Instruments/Production, the two began creating music under the moniker of London Has Fallen where they developed a rather musical style that drew largely from the musical styles known as Dubstep and Drum & Bass. But as they created their music, London Has Fallen’s music has a slightly dark tone to it. With this style under the London Has Fallen moniker, the duo created a total of three releases before deciding to go in a different direction, musically. And that was where Venus Theory came in.
While the music from London Has Fallen contained that slightly dark tone to its music, the duo’s new identity of Venus Theory has gone in a direction that includes a lighter tone to the music. And while the tone of the duo’s music has been lightened, they still draw from the Dubstep style. That electronic music with the slight danceable feel to it is what makes up the duo’s newest release and first under the Venus Theory moniker. The first EP for Venus Theory is entitled Nightwalker Pt. 1.
Nightwalker Pt. 1 from Venus Theory begins with the track “Fire”. The track begins quietly as it fades in. The song features a rather laidback and somewhat sparse approach to the music as the music feels rather open and airy. That laidback feel to the music creates a groove that draws the listener in while still allowing for Alecia Gates’ vocals to shine through. The gentle approach to the music that exists throughout the track invites the listener in and encourages them to stay for the rest of the release.
The second track for the Nightwalker Pt. 1 EP from Venus Theory is titled “Afraid to Let Go”. The gentle feel found on the previous track of “Fire” finds its way onto the beginning of the second track. While not to the same extreme, the dark musical approach of the duo’s identity as London Has Fallen seems to come through on this track. The track contains a slightly dark and Industrial feel to the music that is mixed with the gentle pace of the track. That musical approach is soon joined by a beat that contains a danceable quality to it. While not strong enough to dance to, “Afraid to Let Go” will easily having the listener nodding along to the music.
The new release from Venus Theory continues with the track “Echo”. On this track, the duo of Alecia Gates and Cameron Gorham seem to fully embrace their past musical approach as “Echo” has a much deeper and darker feel than the previous songs that preceded it. The track of “Echo” makes good use of the duo’s Drum & Bass and Electronic influences. The song also contains a large Industrial influence to the music just as “Afraid to Let Go” did. The slow pace of the song mixed with the Drum & Bass influence creates the darkest moment of the five songs that make up the Nightwalker Pt. 1 release.
After two tracks that take the music of Venus Theory in a dark direction, the duo changes directions on the fourth track of the EP. The track “Lay Down” contains a very strong electronic approach to the music. In fact, of the five tracks that make up the Nightwalker Pt. 1 release, the electronic influence of the band comes through strongest on “Lay Down”. The quick beat that is featured on the track makes the song perfect for inclusion in playlists for dance clubs. The track really lets go about halfway through the four-and-a-half minute playtime when the beat is at its strongest. Of the five songs that make up the new release from Venus Theory, “Lay Down” is easily the one track that needs to be heard.
Venus Theory’s Nightwalker Pt. 1 release comes to an end with the track “Heart Still Beating”. With this track, the duo slows the pace down quite a bit. The slower pace and the less intense musical approach at the beginning of the track alternates with a slightly stronger approach throughout the track. The quietness that comes with “Heart Still Beating’s” sound brings the five-song release from Venus Theory to a close on a somewhat easy note; although, that doesn’t mean that the track is boring.
Nightwalker Pt. 1, the new EP from Venus Theory, contains strong songs from beginning to end. The five tracks that make up the release make good use of the band’s various influences and blend together to make one strong release.


To hear some of Venus Theory’s music, check out the track “Lay Down.” 


To check out the EP of Nightwalker Pt. 1 from Venus Theory, click on the link.


Venus Theory CD


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